Portronics which is dedicated towards providing portable devices and gadgets with an aim to enhance the functionality and productivity of organisations and individuals. Continuing its surge in providing innovative solutions for a better managed lifestyle, Portronics proudly presents Glitz: bling your music that can make your music dance to your tune with a display of a variety of spectral light effects that you are free to choose from.

Sound that is a visual treat:

Glitz demonstrates a fascinating combination of accuracy; fun and intelligibility of audio. Glitz adds a new spectrum to your music with a full-colour intelligent array of LED themes that takes music listening to a completely different level. Now make your music dance to your tune with a display of a variety of spectral light effects that you are free to choose from.

Portronics Glitz

Portronics Glitz

Sound strength, Bass and Quality

Glitz is made in an optimized acoustic enclosure, Glitz delivers surprisingly loud and impactful audio with its efficient full range drivers.


Bluetooth Support

Glitz can playback music wirelessly from most Bluetooth enabled devices that support A2DP* and AVRCP* including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android Smartphones and tablets, and all PCs and Macbooks.


Near Field communication (NFC)

Enjoy easy one-touch pairing to your smart devices via Near Field Communications (NFC). Connect the NFC devices with Glitz with a single tap.


Alternative Connectivity Options

Listen to songs through the in-built Micro SD card slot .Just insert the card in the slot and enjoy your favourite music without engaging your phone. Or, use the included 3.5mm audio cable to connect your device to Glitz. The audio controls for volume and track selection; when using the 3.5mm audio cable; are available on the device itself.


Conference Phone function

Glitz will work as a hands free speaker phone with iPhone and Android Smartphones that support a wireless Bluetooth connection. Switching between your phone conversations and music playback is also easy, with a one touch control.



· Glitz –Ultra-portable wireless Bluetooth speaker

· Beautiful case for the speaker

· Micro USB connector charging cable (charging use only, not for data)

· 3.5mm Audio line-in cable

· User Guide

Pricing and Availability:

Glitz is available with a price of Rs.4999 And to know more about availability visit http://www.portronics.com/