Portronics Power Box Review – 10,000 mAh Power Bank

We recently did review Portronics Power Slice 4000 mAh power bank, So this I could say an elder brother with more storage, more ports, more power , more on the go power bank. Power Box do comes with impressive packing and huge storage of battery, enough to charge more phones in day or same phone again and again. I did said to have a huge battery we gotta have to compromise with features in smartphones or you want to have features then compromise with battery at almost all section and some phones somehow manage to get 16 hours 3g battery life not all does .

Portronics Power Box (10,000mAh Power Bank)

Portronics Power Box (10,000mAh Power Bank)

Specification of Power Box

  • Capacity : 3.7V/ 10,000mAh
  • Micro USB input : 1000mAh/5V
  • Dual USB output : 2.1A/5V for tablets/iPad/ Smartphones 1A/5V for smartphones
  • Input Charging time: Around 10 hours
  • Cost : 2000 rs
Portronics Power Box Specs (10,000mAh Power Bank)

Portronics Power Box Specs (10,000mAh Power Bank)

Build of Portronics Power Box

Portronics Power Box will definitely give awesome un-boxing experience than all other that thin metal paper made box which could be reused for keeping the power box again inside it. Well not just box when you bring out the power box it looks like a grenade. The feel of power box is rubbery from out which is amazingly smooth. The two oval shape plastic one at top and bottom the top one had 2 USB port and Micro-USB port at centre. One of those USB is capable to charge the device at 2.1A which is twice as fast than other USB port which is of 1 A. Its Bulky quiet heavy to all those other portable charger like  the powerslice. 10000 mAh is really made for an extreme long journey and Its Bulky also that power button at TOP which I hated the most just because When you want to start the charging you gotta press that button but when I kept it bag sometimes by mistakenly button use to get press and it use to stop charging which I really hated.


Experience with Power Box

The two ports well it was a good choice but 2.1A works well, All I can say to get the most out of the power box is to use both the USB at same time. If you are the user who uses only smartphone then this is not a power bank for you. When you press power button to charge both the ports gets turned on and if one port is empty all the power is wasted and battery tends to dip more faster, For tablet and smartphone user its good but if you are only a smartphone user I would recommend Power Slice .

Portronics Power Box






Value for Money



  • Amazing Build
  • Good Value for money
  • Comes with 2 USB port one with 2.1A


  • Power Button Could had been More hard
  • Device tends to heat up