Portronics Power Slice 4000 mAh Power Bank Review

Power Banks/ Portable chargers plays an very important role now a days, because we have to smartphones today with high end specification but at the same time we need to do a bit sacrifice regarding in terms of battery life. we have smartphones like Lenovo S860, We seen that smartphone previously it had huge 4000 mAh battery but at the same time we had to sacrifice some in terms of performance and camera. Well People like love performance and camera something as the iPhone 5s performance beast, but sometimes a day battery life. Well if you are on a long journey then these smartphones don’t survive long in it. So as the Power banks were Introduce. Portronics offers Portable speakers in India. they are leading supplier of portable laptop desks, scanners, emergency chargers and digital pens in India.  We were lucky to have portronics product to review. They recently launched Portronics Power Slice, And I could say its awesome.

Portronics Power Slice 4000 mAh Power Bank

Portronics Power Slice 4000 mAh Power Bank


Build and First Impression of Portronics Power Slice

Portronics Power slice when I un-boxed it, a pretty decent packing cardboard and plastic packing same like those trascend pendrives are packed off. The pack included the Power slice and Small Micro-USB to USB Cable. The Power slice was same size of my Moto G but a bit small in terms of height. Power Slice was made of tough plastic The white colour looked awesome to its design. The rectangle and rounded at bottom no buttons or openings at side and bottom, all were plain which made an extra grip to hold with your smartphone. At the Top USB Port from where charging goes to Smartphones and tablets, Micro-USB port to charge the device itself and a power button, to check the percentage of power left side the device. At the front part of the device it was the Portronics Logo at bottom at the at right hand top there was 4 led bulbs which indicate the percentage of battery If all the four are glowing then your battery is 100% charged , each bulb indicate max 25% or 1000 mAh those lights made the power slice beautiful. Well it feels good to hold such device even awesome when I use to hold it with my moto g.


The main purpose is to charge, and yeah its perfect at it. With 4000mAh battery you could charge almost 2 times moto g. It use to do charge till 95 at my best which I remember. If your phone’s small something like HTC explorer then your could charge 4 times your phone in the single charge of the power slice. It use to charge at normal speed hardly few minutes faster. The quality of the provided cable is also amazing. Few things which I notice was the Power Slice use to get heat-up and If I keep it with the phone, the phone also gets heat up. One more thing was I noticed some times a static shock maybe problem with my review unit regarding the static shock but heating issue was normal. Once the power slice was charged it doesn’t drain easily as there’s nothing to work-out so the standby of it was amazing.

Pricing and Competition

Well The Portronics Powerslice is priced at 1,499Rs it is pretty good pricing for 4000 mAh but its direct competition to Xiaomi Mi Power bank which at 999rs will give you 10,400 mAh which is twice as capacity of Power slice due to the competition reason people would not notice until xiaomi stops selling/ its out of stock. We don’t know even is portronics selling its device offline or not. I think selling the device offline would be better as vijay sales, ezone , reliance digital, univercell sync they sale such things at lot and people would be more aware about the portronics products too.

Portronics Power Slice

Rs 1,499







Value For Money



  • Small and portable
  • Good build and sturdy


  • Heats the Smartphone as well as itself
  • Sometimes Static electric charge was noticed