Postybell – The World’s First Postbox Sensor

PostyBell, Is an innovative sensor which you can get in today’s world. We still receive letters in the postbox even today, but for some people postbox is at long or short distance. Even some have to face some neighbours problem as shoen in the video below and after overcoming the problems sometimes we end up with empty postbox. PostyBell changes this, Its a sensor or a small board unit which you need to keep inside the postbox, So when the postbox puts the mail above the sensor or near by to it The sensors get started. There’s a Mobile App for it which receives the signal and Give you notification on your smartphone. So you end up going to postbox when you really have a letter inside to receive it. For the sensor there’s no particular distance to receive particular notification its all over the internet.

PostyBell Sensor

PostyBell Sensor


“By providing you with total control over your post box, Postybell takes snail mail into the online era, allowing you to review all logs and perform actions from any device”, Olsi’s CEO, Oren Lasman commented.

Eliminating the distance barrier, Postybell informs you when you receive letters or packages to your post box, wherever you are. Combining a proximity sensor and a GSM module, Postybell senses any movement in the post box, immediately notifying you. While past attempts have been made to create such a device, they all relied on Wifi or Bluetooth technologies, alerting you ONLY if you were a short distance from your post box.

Recently, Olsi launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise $30,000, through the popular crowd funding platform. Funds raised will be used for the proposed iOS version, creating a product mold, as well as for production of Postybell’s first edition. Future upgrades to Postybell include a built-in camera that sends real-time pictures of new post mail and plans to expand Postybell’s capability range, by adding heat, humidity, and gas sensors.


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