Pressy – A Muti-Function Button To Your Android Phone/Tablet

Pressy A Physical Multi-Function Button

After Rolocule for iPhone we found something for Android. Pressy is a project on the kickstarters its a Physical Multi-function button accessory to your android phone/tablet which will let you to open many apps like flash light, taking instant photo,starting voice recording , toggle to bluetooth/WiFi and many more

Pressy A Physical Multi-Function Button

Pressy A Physical Multi-Function Button

It gets Attached to the 3.5mm jack on your android smartphone and comes with a native app to define its function when its either single clicked, Double Clicked or long clicked. Without Pressy suppose you want to turn flash light on what you do unlock the device=>exit current app => search for the desired app=>then the task is done. With this multi-funtional button, just a single click/Double click that’s the best thing it makes the thing simpler and time saving also. Single Button to do multiple things you reuired the most to do in your smartphone

Pressy Size

Pressy Size

When You attach it to your 3.5mm jack it takes or its size viewed from the side is 0.7mm only. Its very thin and functional but once its configured you can remove it insert the headphone and use headphone button as Pressy see the video at the bottom for more details

Pressy  size Taken

Pressy size Taken

How to get started with Pressy ?

Buy and insert it to your heaphone jack it comes with already installed default settings for Single Click, Double Click and Long Click out of the box to change or manage it just install the Pressy app from the android Appstore and get started and customize it the way you want it and the app or funtion you desire to perform using pressy.

Things you can do with pressy

  • Take Instant Photos
  • Start Voice recording
  • toggle bluetooth/wifi
  • instantly closing apps
  • record phone call
  • check in in social network
  • sent current location and many more
Pressy Android App Preview

Pressy Android App Preview


For better things or better idea watch the video below

Image and Info Source: Kickstarter