Quantum 10000 mAh Power Bank QHM-10KP Review

Quantum 10000 mAh polymer PowerBank

Now it’s 2018; the smartphone industry has boomed in the major countries and with it, the accessories market. One essential accessory is the Power bank. No one talks about the sales but heavily invested by the consumers. Possibly each house has one or two. Similarly leaving out the popular ones Here’s my take on the Quantum 10000 mAh polymer battery PowerBank.

Quantum 10000 mAh polymer PowerBank

Quantum 10000 mAh polymer PowerBank

About Quantum: A well established brand in India from 1992 with its headquarters in Delhi. Today it’s the frontrunner in consumer electronics, security solutions & high-quality IT hardware/peripherals, with its unfailing commitment to highest standards of quality at most affordable prices.

Inbox content Quantum 10000 mAh PowerBank

  • Power bank itself
  • micro USB to USB A cable
  • Paperwork

Build of Quantum 10000 mAh power bank

When I first took it out of the box, I loved the build quality and way it looks. To be precise, it has a panda colour combination which looks like a pixel 2 panda edition. It seems like a PowerBank less and more of a phone. But it isn’t a phone though. A head Turner PowerBank for sure as many of my office colleagues asked me is that your PowerBank? The top black plastic glass like surface had number 25 50 75 100 which had a background Led strip which glowed together to show the percentage left in the Power bank. For a 10,000 mAh, the power bank was lightweight because of the polymer battery used inside. The top side of the Power bank had 2 USB port of same volts output. In between the 2 USB port is the Micro USB charging port. The right side had the status indicator button. The power bank is perfect size that you could hold it together with the phone and fit well in the pocket. Ease of travel in the small bag with PowerBank is present.

Quantum 10000 mAh polymer PowerBank

Quantum 10000 mAh polymer PowerBank

Charging Performance

It does the work perfectly for you as you expect. It doesn’t have Qualcomm quick charge, but for the budget price, I don’t expect it either. Again in an hour, it could charge my Honor 7x from 20 to 75 percent. I think that’s ultimately decent more important it could get things done in the critical time.

Do you get the whole 10,000 mAh?

Answer: it’s no, and there isn’t any such PowerBank exists either. I could charge close to 3 phones each with 3000 mAh battery. While charging the 3rd phone the power bank goes dead 0 percent anytime. I am not complaining about it, but this is how every PowerBanks are supposed to be.

Quantum 10000 mAh polymer PowerBank

Should you buy or not?

Yes definitely recommend power bank. Its unique looks have definitely banged a buck if you are too choosy about the look. Overall a good brand and we recommend this power bank if you are looking for a change in brand of the Power bank. Earlier we reviewed Portronics power bank, which was impressive but heavy. Quantum 10000 mAh is way better and more important it competes well with the competitor.

Quantum 1000 mAh Polymer Power Bank

Rs 1099





Value for Money



  • Light weight
  • Good quality
  • 2 USB ports


  • Can be little Cheaper