Quantum GamePad Review – Gamepad under Budget

Quantum GamePad

The Gaming industry is one of the biggest industry you can see. There’s always never ending the war between the PC gamers and the Console gamers. I can say both are the two different types of the gaming world. PC gaming is much adaptable, though. Quantum reached us with GamePad to us. This is our Complete review of the Quantum GamePad.

Quantum GamePad

Quantum Gamepad Inbox Content

  • The Unit Itself
  • Driver Disk


When I unboxed it from the tight plastic pack, The First it was complete of the plastic material. It was built with according to price and consumer in mind. So if you are the one who has never played on console or player less then you will love the feel. It good the grip side exactly where the vibration motor is placed. I was shocked to see vibration motor has hardly seen in the budget gamepad. There were almost 15 Buttons like the console has. At first getting used to buttons was difficult, it took me around two days for that. Finally, I managed to do it. If you are the console person, then it’s complete below the line, but if you are switching to console and what to experience on PC, then this is the thing. It won’t disappoint anyone. It has almost the features which you want. I am personally not the fan of the transparent gamepad. I will love the reds and black combination or with Blue or Green would be great.



I use to play Fifa and Race games individually as I am the most comfortable to play such at the gamepad, not the action games. The Performance while playing didn’t disappoint me, though. The buttons were most responsive, and the cable enough was long enough that I didn’t have to adjust it each time. It was perfect about pricing. Almost each day I use to keep exploring. The Vibration motor is also good, and I notice it when I started to play games, Till that I never thought it’s vibration motor.



I will almost rate with 3.5 out of 5 for its versatility and would rate this product as good value for money as well. You get what you pay for. Colour choices totally depend on your preferance, but overall experience won’t disappoint you.




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