Renor BT PowerCab Review – The Hi-fidelity BlueTooth Speakers

Renor, a team of engineers, designers, and musicians working very closely to create the best HiFi gear for listeners. Whenever a term Hi-fidelity comes in, most people think it’s not going to be something for daily life. Even if it does, it will be a completely different type of eco-system to achieve. This problem scenario is what has been tackled by Renor. Making the Hi-Fi consumer-centric is something that has been achieved by the Renor with its Renor BT PowerCab. We are going to find out how.

Renor BT PowerCab

Specification of Renor BT PowerCab

  • Sized as 20″ (W) * 11.5″ (H) * 10″ (D)
  • State-of-the-art 8″ Subwoofer
  • Bluetooth AptX HD
  • 100 Watt R.M.S
  • Aux-in Stereo Mini Jack
  • Weighs as 10.25 KG
  • Precision 1″ Tweeter
  • Dual Ports
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • 36.5 Hz To 20000 Hz

In-Box Content

  • The Speaker unit itself
  • 3 Pin Power Adapter
  • Warranty Card

Build of Renor BT PowerCab

Let’s start from the front; The speaker has a covering of compact protruding threads that you couldn’t see through inside. The Huge shape of the speaker makes it feel like those are front-firing speakers. To be more accurate ever been to music or singing theatre which has a monitor to maintain the voice or sound of the self. That’s the exact shape of those speakers. The top area has a substantial Renor logo. The top edge, side and back have a wooden type of thick texture which could handle the heavy bass and Highs correctly.

The top of the speakers has the Power On/Off button, Small renor logo. The volume knob, Bluetooth pairing button and an Aux Input port. The rear of the Renor BT PowerCab is where the 100W power cable gets connected. Overall the build of the speakers checks in all the boxes which are required for the hi-fidelity speakers. The speakers are big and more important there are 4 rubber stoppers to place the speakers on the floor and they resist to move from the place while the sound is playing.

Renor BT PowerCab buttons
Renor BT PowerCab

Sound of the Renor BT PowerCab

Let’s start with the sound signature of the speakers. The speakers always need to be on power to get the brilliant sound signature. The connectivity is fantastic. I had no problems with it. Make sure you enable the AptX in the settings if you are using an Android device (It’s inside the developer options). I can say, the speakers correctly manage bass. The depth of the bass was perfect for the build. You can try to shoot bass-heavy sounds, and it did fantastically. Mid-range was dynamic and bright highs were complementary to the sound. If you shoot High sound profile, the speakers handled it distinguished well. The AAC files and DAC connected through the AUX plays brilliant songs, and the instrument separation is commendable by the speakers.

Pricing and Verdict

Renor BT PowerCab

The MRP of the product is Rs 25,000, and the Introductory price of the speaker is Rs 17,499. The introductory price is stealing deal for the High Fidelity speakers. I will say in the market with such a unique aspect; there isn’t a perfect combination.

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