Rolocule An Indian Company Turns iPhone and TV into Wii Style Gaming

Rolocule one of the new company just roled out with their Game for an iPhone. Well the main aim of the company is to make users to game over TV as the relation between the TV for games becoming lesser due to lot of games over smatphone and tablets. Rolocule uses a technology called rolomotion which uses  Gyroscope, Magnetometer and Accelerometer which means almost all the sensors from the iPhone

Rolocule turns iphone and apple tv into a totally new console

Rolocule turns iphone and apple tv into a totally new console

Rohit Gupta the Founder and CEO talks abt in the video which is at the bottom about the rolocule games and he does mention you will be playing tennis, badminton even infinity blades the whole new way. The video even says how Wii requires three thing to be setup the Camera t, The motion sensor and the CD’s which are large in numbers for Rolocule’s rolomotion technology has done using just iPhone and Apple TV a whole new console is setup something like xbox , wii


They had been devloping this app over PC but things were too complicated but setting up over apple tv made it even simpler than it was thought and making a new realtion with your TV and making a fitness to a diffrent level too the majorly dominatly shown the tennis app in the video main was you have diffrent styles to hold and iPhone so diffrent shots like slice, normal that’s really awesome

Conclusion: Rolocule keep doing the awesome work and seriosly hats off to your creativity this things are really gonna change what we think about the technology is all about

Via : AllThingsD
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