Seed your torrents with a free seedbox without using your own Computer

free seedbox
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 Create your own free seedbox 

In this Tutorial we will see how to create a free seedbox to seed our torrents 24/7 without keeping our computer on thus saving light bills as well as our bandwidth . As torrent helps lot to get content from movies to software or apps for smartphones

Before we start we will need a few things . Make sure you have the following with you :

  1. Dropbox :
  2. A Torrent client which will be used to create our main torrent file . For the sake of this tutorial i will use BitTorrent , you may use uTorrent or other Torrent client .

Now you need to follow these easy steps to create a free seedbox .

  1. Take the files that you wish to share with your friends and upload them in the “public” folder of your dropbox account .
  2. Next , right click on it and select Dropbox > Copy link to get the direct download URL .
  3. Now simply open up BitTorrent or whatever you have and create a new torrent . Select your files . In the trackers list , you may add some public trackers you know ( Search in google ) or leave it at default . Now , add the public download URL from step number 2 into the web seed box . Remember , do not check the Private Torrent checkbox and now wait while BitTorrent creates your .torrent file .

READ : Make sure DHT network and local peer discovery are enabled in options -> preferences->BitTorrent   .

Done , now give your .torrent file to those whom you wish to share your content with and then they will download the shared files from your free seedbox .


Disadvantages of using DropBox as a seedbox and finding a better alternative :

  1. Dropbox will seed your torrent only when there are no seeders . If someone is seeding your torrent then dropbox will not seed it , thus your download speed will now depend on the other seeders .
  2. Also note that using multiple DropBox account is useless for this method .

Now to defeat all the drawbacks of DropBox we will use a webhost or a shell account . Both webhost and shell account can be obtained for free . ( Search in google for free webhost or free shell account and you will find many )

I will use my webhost because it supports SSH access and has a cpanel . If you are using some other host then don’t worry because the steps are going to be same 🙂

Now just like we previously uploaded our files in “public” folder of DropBox , this time we will upload our files in public_html folder of our web host .


  1. Just to avoid any problems make sure that you delete the .htaccess and default.php from your webhost account .
  2. If you are uploading files that can be opened directly in the web browser like .pdf and images then you need to add these files into a ZIP archive , otherwise webseeding will fail and your free seedbox will be unable to seed your torrent.
  3. Also , you cannot seed an entire folder , instead ZIP the folder and then upload them on the webhost/shell account .

Now we need to create our torrent just the same way as we did in the DropBox method above , the only change we need to do is to put our webhost URL including the http:// part in the webseed box instead of the DropBox direct download URL .

See the image below to get a clear idea :

Free seedbox

check webseed URL carefully

Done ! Now click on create torrent and once your torrent has been created , give it to others and check if they can download your files from your free seedbox .

Otherwise to test it yourself  just copy the .torrent file and paste it in some other directory . Next delete the original ( Non copied ) torrent file and its data as well . Now go to the new directory and run your copied torrent . Check if the torrent works and whether you can download files from your free seedbox directly .

BONUS : You may create many webseeds by creating more accounts and uploading the file to all of them . When you do this remember that  you need to add all the webseeds URL at the time you create the torrent , otherwise the free seedbox will not seed the torrent from other webseeds .

In the link below i have included a test torrent that i created to just show you that this method really works . Now try to download the small zip file from my free seedbox .

Test link :

I hope you were able to create your own free seedbox without any problems , but if you couldn’t then don’t worry , we are here to help you , just drop a comment below and I will try to solve your issue as soon as possible .


If this tutorial helped you then please give us a google +1 and don’t  forget to comment . Your feedback is very valuable to us , if you have suggestions or want to add something feel free to comment 🙂



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  • TrillG0d89

    This is fucking retarded. Go spend $15/month on a seedbox…

    • we had mentioned for the one who needs it free not everyone spends 15$ like u

  • Rambo

    This one works like a charm, thanks for the excellent step by step tutorial.

    The only problem was to upload the files to, but I have solved that issue, I am using FileZilla for uploading and its really great…

    If anyone wants to know how to use FileZilla as an uploader to upload your files to FTP, then have a look at this link:


    @ Rupesh Prabhu…..
    I have uploaded a file and used its link as a webseed, it worked fine, but when I tested the torrent, I found the speed to be very slow. I also tried to download that test torrent from my friend’s house who has got 8MBPS connection, but the speed is very unstable…. sometimes it goes upto 160 KBS but comes back to 35 KBS within 3 seconds, so the average download speed remains somewhere near 40kbs per second. is there any limitations for downloading a torrent which is seeded by webseed? is there any way to increase the download speed of a torrent which is connected to webseed? Please reply soon on this forum. thanks

  • kadell

    what if i have a slow internet speed and i have to upload large files (usually in GB )

    what do i do?

    • Try to contact your friend with good broadband and speed That’s the perfect way what I do

  • absolutekappa

    hey dude , your speed will depend on the webhost you are using where you have uploaded the torrent content , in that above example we uploaded on 3owl , so you will get speed which are provided by 3owl , so if you have good webhost the upload there , it will give you good speed .
    Dropbox speeds are also quite unstable so you just have to find good hosts to upload .

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  • foto


  • Lord Mada

    that webhosting service you used is too damn dangerous

    • What do you mean we told you used Dropbox right

    • unknown man

      yes, dropbox is a good website, you are an idiot telling this

      • Lord Mada

        It has been 20 months telling this

        • unknown man

          Fuck yourself

  • toreno

    hi i forgot to add the webseed url while creating the torrent . is there any way to link my webseed url to existing torrent ??

  • Miami Sunset

    Dropbox now limits the free accounts to 2.5G which is too limited for a practical seedbox.