Seed your torrents with a free seedbox without using your own Computer

free seedbox

 Create your own free seedbox 

In this Tutorial we will see how to create a free seedbox to seed our torrents 24/7 without keeping our computer on thus saving light bills as well as our bandwidth . As torrent helps lot to get content from movies to software or apps for smartphones

Before we start we will need a few things . Make sure you have the following with you :

  1. Dropbox :
  2. A Torrent client which will be used to create our main torrent file . For the sake of this tutorial i will use BitTorrent , you may use uTorrent or other Torrent client .

Now you need to follow these easy steps to create a free seedbox .

  1. Take the files that you wish to share with your friends and upload them in the “public” folder of your dropbox account .
  2. Next , right click on it and select Dropbox > Copy link to get the direct download URL .
  3. Now simply open up BitTorrent or whatever you have and create a new torrent . Select your files . In the trackers list , you may add some public trackers you know ( Search in google ) or leave it at default . Now , add the public download URL from step number 2 into the web seed box . Remember , do not check the Private Torrent checkbox and now wait while BitTorrent creates your .torrent file .

READ : Make sure DHT network and local peer discovery are enabled in options -> preferences->BitTorrent   .

Done , now give your .torrent file to those whom you wish to share your content with and then they will download the shared files from your free seedbox .


Disadvantages of using DropBox as a seedbox and finding a better alternative :

  1. Dropbox will seed your torrent only when there are no seeders . If someone is seeding your torrent then dropbox will not seed it , thus your download speed will now depend on the other seeders .
  2. Also note that using multiple DropBox account is useless for this method .

Now to defeat all the drawbacks of DropBox we will use a webhost or a shell account . Both webhost and shell account can be obtained for free . ( Search in google for free webhost or free shell account and you will find many )

I will use my webhost because it supports SSH access and has a cpanel . If you are using some other host then don’t worry because the steps are going to be same 🙂

Now just like we previously uploaded our files in “public” folder of DropBox , this time we will upload our files in public_html folder of our web host .


  1. Just to avoid any problems make sure that you delete the .htaccess and default.php from your webhost account .
  2. If you are uploading files that can be opened directly in the web browser like .pdf and images then you need to add these files into a ZIP archive , otherwise webseeding will fail and your free seedbox will be unable to seed your torrent.
  3. Also , you cannot seed an entire folder , instead ZIP the folder and then upload them on the webhost/shell account .

Now we need to create our torrent just the same way as we did in the DropBox method above , the only change we need to do is to put our webhost URL including the http:// part in the webseed box instead of the DropBox direct download URL .

See the image below to get a clear idea :

Free seedbox

check webseed URL carefully

Done ! Now click on create torrent and once your torrent has been created , give it to others and check if they can download your files from your free seedbox .

Otherwise to test it yourself  just copy the .torrent file and paste it in some other directory . Next delete the original ( Non copied ) torrent file and its data as well . Now go to the new directory and run your copied torrent . Check if the torrent works and whether you can download files from your free seedbox directly .

BONUS : You may create many webseeds by creating more accounts and uploading the file to all of them . When you do this remember that  you need to add all the webseeds URL at the time you create the torrent , otherwise the free seedbox will not seed the torrent from other webseeds .

In the link below i have included a test torrent that i created to just show you that this method really works . Now try to download the small zip file from my free seedbox .

Test link :

I hope you were able to create your own free seedbox without any problems , but if you couldn’t then don’t worry , we are here to help you , just drop a comment below and I will try to solve your issue as soon as possible .


If this tutorial helped you then please give us a google +1 and don’t  forget to comment . Your feedback is very valuable to us , if you have suggestions or want to add something feel free to comment 🙂