Sharp Launches ‘Quattron Pro’ technology TV

Sharp has introduced the ‘Quattron Pro’ range of LED TVs in Indian Market – one of the most reviewed and preferred technology televisions in foreign market which matches the colour reproduction and resolution from usually much higher priced 4K TVs.

An elaborate test of 4k TV’s and Sharp’s Quattron Technology TV was conducted by Smart House Australia’s no.1 home entertainment magazine  which reveals that  Sharp Quattron Pro technology can give  better  output, clarity and detail than  a 4K TV. As of now, this amazing technology is available only in 80″ size.

Sharp Quattron Pro

Sharp Quattron Pro

Quattron Pro technology generates 3,840 x 2,160 luminance peaks in total, which is the same as the number of luminance peaks in 4K models.

The Quattron Pro TV is able to display Full HD image signals, as well as Ultra HD image signals, through a 4K Upscaler to give the 4 Colour Technology. They have a resolution reconstruction circuit which converts the 4K signal to Quattron Pro signal with the original brightness and colour.

Information, enabling high resolution image reproduction, including ultra-fine detail and a lot more depth to the image. “Viewers can enjoy crisp, vivid picture quality with existing HD broadcasts, making this Series the best all round TVs for the current available content,” Kishlay Ray Vice President Sharp India said, “whilst at the same time being the perfect choice as more Ultra HD content becomes available in the future.”

Pricing and Availability: Available in 80-inch screens, Sharp’s new Quattron Pro Series of TVs are priced at Rs.8,99,990