SIGN IN Plan A Successful Product Launch Using Digital Marketing

Launching a new product can take just as much planning and research as developing the product in the first place. It’s best to start early to give yourself plenty of time to build up your brand reputation and awareness. This can lead to a greater interest in your product by the time you’re ready to launch. After all, a boost in sales when you’re getting started is just the drive you need to make your product succeed.


Start with your website. You don’t have to reveal any details about your product at all just yet. But you do need to start increasing your share of voice by using plenty of media options for marketing campaigns. Start to build your brand up by becoming a voice of authority. Digital media is perfect for this.


Make sure you are adding high-quality content to your website and your primary social media pages. This content should be laden with good quality links too. You can use this article at to help you identify the types of links that can boost your search engine ranking. Be sure to include internal links to each article too.


Consider hiring a good copywriter to produce a few white papers about your industry and product areas. Again, there is no need to reveal any product secrets before launch. Your objective here is to increase your influence and authority as a brand. Answer questions on forums like Reddit and Quora. Try not to be too promotional. Simply be helpful and be sure to include your company name or brand name in your user profile.



Once you’ve boosted your brand, it’s time to start creating the buzz you need to have a successful launch. Too many product launches fail to attract attention because they were not built up appropriately. Make sure your product pages are highly informative with plenty of specs and photos. How-to blog posts discussing the problems your product can solve as well as how it works effectively are essential.


Find influencers to test drive your product. Bloggers are often preferred for domestic products. Alternatively, approach review websites. Make sure you have a full press release tailored for each publication or website you are contacting. There is a guide for writing press releases at Have full press packs in PDF published on your website too.


As the date of your formal launch approaches, you should try to use PR to gain some press hype too. Find newsworthy topics that your product is related to. Pick your journalists with care. You need to be sure you can help them with their current writing requirements before bombarding them. Whatever you do, don’t give them a puff piece. It must be topical, and it must be newsworthy. Look for the angle.


The launch event might be promoted with freebies, merchandise, or even a launch party invitation. Reduced pricing or other price promotion is essential here. Make it time-sensitive to push the first sales along. Make sure your product information answers every conceivable question about the product – how to use it, and why they should spend that money on it. Good luck with your launch!