Syska Smartlight Rainbow LED smart bulb Review

Syska Smart Light

Syska a brand which is a known accessory maker as well as security app maker as well. We have seen the products; even TV ads run well. They did come up with their version of Smartlight, and we got a chance to review. We are going to see the complete overview of Syska Smartlight Rainbow LED Smart Bulb.

Syska Smart Light

Syska Smart Light

What’s Smartlight?

The smart light is smartphone connected bulb, which lets you control the electric lamp via your existing smartphone. In this case, it connected via Bluetooth, and you have greater flexibility with the bright light much better than the traditional bulb.

Build of the Syska Smartlight

The noticeable thing of this bulb will be its shape in the first glance itself. A circular shape at the top which tapers down to small circle as that of a holder. From the side the triangular shape with well-rounded edges. Of course, we don’t go to look at the bulb, but if you got a stylish setup and even a small thing that will matter this is the exact thing which I found. I think the design and engineering team worked well with this product itself. I am saying about construction because fitting Bluetooth module then incense of million colours and acting accordingly to the user. It’s a small hardware but fitting exactly in the shape, is tuff job actually for both. Overall we give thumbs up to the design.

Performance and App of the Syska Smartlight

Of course, it has an app for the same control which is compatible with Android and iOS users. Please don’t ask me about Windows phone. Well both of them has an almost same interface, and I noticed the iOS app connects much quickly as that of Android it lacks. It’s not the developer fault, but the OS does not have a bit. It isn’t a huge issue as both functions well and response quickly as possible. The changes happen in milliseconds you can see in the video below. When you open the app and connect the bulb, you will be greeted with bubble game. Pop the colour bubble accordingly the light changes which is great. You Have an RGB selection which has more than better possibility of choosing N- Count colours.

The other Modes is of the Bright colour, the White we found the brightest of all the light. Then There are various modes like camera mode which captures colours in real time scenario. Music Mode which changes colour according to the beat. Heat beat mode turns on flashlight and monitors heart beat and Blinks red light according to it. Shake or Dance Mode Changes light as you dance. Then There is schedule you can choose the timing of turn-on/off. Personal On-Off switch. More games. It had almost everything, but the only scenario it lacked was the bright colour other than white. I know maybe because of imbalance the developer didn’t take it to the next level, but it will be great if they figure out. Overall we are impressed with what it has achieved and what it will take to. Even Apple iOS 10 Rolled out Home Kit, We will love to see it as Home Kit compatible in future.

Video Review


Overall the Syska Did a great job than over expectation. It’s I would say a bit expensive side is looking at the customer, but again it’s totally worth the penny you will spend in near future. Also, Programmable LED will have a great life span than the CFL bulb.

Syska Smart LED Bulb

1999 Rs





Value for money



  • Great Customization
  • Well Built