Truvison 40 inch Smart LED TV Review

Truvison TX407Z Review

Hello Everyone, Smart TVs market is exploded in 2018, and we have seen a lot of new brands with aggressive TV pricing. This is Rupesh from Absolute Gizmos, and this is the review of Truvison 40 Inch Smart TV. The model which we have is Truvison TX407Z. InBox Content The TV Safety Instruction guide Mounting brackets Stands Remote 2 AAA Battery User guide and Warranty paperwork Video Review   Build of the Truvison TV Talking about the TV. It has a TV perspective perfectly as you would expect but including the smart feature makes it different and stand out. If you want to […]

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Things to consider before buying a TV

TV technology has made exemplary advances in the last decade which has resulted in a ridiculously wide range of options to choose from. 4K, HDR, Full HD, Smart TVs, LED, OLED – the list is eternal! Watching television is simply a task that requires you to lean back and sip on some Iced Tea while catching up on your favourite sitcoms, but the menace behind choosing a TV is a hellishly, energy—draining task. This perplexity and TV jargon could often cloud our decision and drive us to merely settle for a mediocre TV. We’ve played savior here and compiled a […]

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Finally TV which is Mosquito Away TV Launched by LG in India

LG Mosquito Away TV 32LH57 LH51

LG, Today announced a TV with a different aspect. The TV race has been only for best resolution and being smart than the competitors. Only for the content race and LG tried a completely different aspect with its latest Mosquito Away TV. LG’s Mosquito Away TV which drives mosquitoes away invisibly, inaudibly and is odorless. It offers the Indian consumers complete peace of mind. LG has not only aimed the best picture or best viewing content at the same time, Mosquito free environment. The TV when starts spreading Ultrasonic waves which aren’t harmful but makes the environment free of mosquito, […]

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Vu takes the lead in affordable Ultra HD TVs with the launch of its new range in the India market

VU Iconium 43 inch Ultra HD 4K Smart TV

Brings the top models showcased at CES 2016 Vegas in association with Flipkart Vu Technologies has taken the lead over Sony, Samsung and LG in the competitive Ultra HD 4K segment by launching models from 40” to 65” at affordable prices, thus making 4K technology accessible to SEC A and SEC B customers. The brand announces the launch of seven new smart TV models in India in association with Flipkart. With this launch, the popular television brand brings to India the products showcased this year at CES 2016 Vegas. The devices’ pricing ranges from Rs 20,000 for Play smart models (1080p […]

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VU- 65″ Curved 4k UHD SMART LED TV Launched in India

Vu 65 inch curved 4k uhd 3d led TV

Vu Televisions, the California-based luxury television company, unveils its 65″ Curved 4k UHD SMART LED TV – available online and in stores.  Technology customers this season will now be able to enjoy an immersive experience from Vu’s new Ultra HD curved panel, at an affordable price.  Vu’s 65″ Curved 4K UHD SMART LED TV hits the market today at Rs. 2,24,900.   Going the extra mile, the Vu’s curved TV comes with some exciting features.  It has Bluetooth connectivity, so users can pair all of their Bluetooth devices to the TV.  The new curved television also features voice interaction for […]

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