Technologies Made For The India

Well I had a dream when I used to blog on my very old blog it was to change the way people use the computer and to solve the error in short to educate. But when i started this I too had to dream to do something for india but there are many out there which are really working hard even you can’t imagine of it. Creating Technologies requires an idea problem that what all the people below are doing Well talking first of

Arunachalam Muruganantham

Well A college drop out but a inspiration for the Current India few of his quotes “Don’t Be Hurry For Sucess You Should Ready to Fail First Then Sucess Will Come Soon.” He is re-invented sanitary used by the womens using cheap machines making everything affordable and hygenic for the women and increasing the usage of sanitary. He just changed the Problem amazingly and also won many awards. Really I Could say Just Hats-OFF

Cynthiya Koenig

Water Problem is been an issue always in india and according to Cynthia Koenig 1 out of 7 people in the world have to get water from more than 1 km distance. Also women in rajasthan do that and spend about of 25% of the day i.e. 6 hours out of 24 hours and making it difficult to attend schools decreasing a literacy rate for making the home hydrated, healthy and hygenic. So to Come Over the issue they introduced waterwheel

WaterWheel made by Cynthiya Koenig

For more info Visit Here and  I can just say Hats OFF

Angad Nadkarni

Angad Nadkarni A Hacker who hack indian game website Comes up with very diffrent and amazing idea to make and increase not just the illiteracy rate of India But a Quality Illiteracy of India Making the students Capable  of being really intelligent and capable for each Company. He is the One who thought to Hack Into the Exams. Making an App called examify This is a sort of social network of the exam papers making an trending question for exam. Its like they will be predecting the question paper of the exam. really just Awesome Idea HATS OFF.   What Could Make India A developed/ A Better Country ?

  • Bring the problem from the all the areas to front via some social networks .
  • Making available of best and cheap smartphone also user friendly (Android or Mozilla OS).
  • Making availiblity of Cheaper and good speed Broadbands , 2G or 3G internet in all the parts of Country.
  • Raising funds from all over the world to solve the problem by taking an initiative .
  • Knowing your power Being United to Solve the Problem.