The Rise Of Online Gaming In Southeast Asia

The world is entering a technological boom, and innovations are slowly but surely changing the way we do things. The effects of these innovations are more pronounced in some industries than others. This is the case for the rapid rise of online gaming in different regions around the world, especially in Southeast Asia (SEA).

Indeed, Southeast Asia’s booming internet economy has bolstered several industries — with online gaming receiving a significant boost. And with 5G technology just around the corner, it’s time to take a look at the current state of online gaming in SEA as it enters a new era.

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Singapore is known as one of the most technologically advanced countries in the region. So, it was only a matter of time before they dipped their toes into the technologically driven online gambling industry. They primarily did this by utilising Singapore Pools to combat illicit gaming practices within the country. After making the shift and authorising Singapore Pools’ online gaming operations, the company has since made over $5.8 billion (₹411.96 billion).

The revenue from gaming has been funnelled into community development efforts, education, health, sports, and the arts. Because of these practices, Singapore Pool received the highest certification under the World Lottery Association Responsible Gaming Framework, which sets the standards in the global lottery industry. Singapore Pools’ focus on social good via online gaming is an excellent example of what the gaming industry can be.

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Despite its lack of land-based casinos, Thailand has managed to foster a strong betting culture. This may have a lot to do with Thailand’s affinity for gaming in general, as both industries seem to be doing quite well in the country. The rise of its online counterpart doesn’t mean that locals have abandoned casinos altogether. In fact, ExpatBets’ guide to casinos in Thailand points out how tourists go all the way to the Aranyaprathet District at Sa Keao Province to gamble, which is about three hours away from Bangkok. This is because the district is home to the country’s best casinos, like Savan Vegas, which gives players the Las Vegas experience.

But for eager players that can’t make the trip, the good news is that online gambling is on the rise in Thailand. This is likely due to a convenient loophole concerning the lack of specificity in the Gambling Act of 1935. This has allowed those living in Thailand to place bets on online casinos that are operating outside of the country. Locals and tourists alike can take advantage of this, and have consequently created a rich online gaming culture all across Thailand.


India holds one of the world’s biggest gaming markets. In fact, The Economic Times reporting that the country’s player base surged to 25 million last year, which is five million players more than it had in 2010. And while India’s citizens enjoy the occasional mobile game, the locals have a particular inclination towards online poker.

This year’s Diwali Rush is a testament to the country’s passion for the game, as it is a week-long celebration made for poker enthusiasts. The festivities include a huge online poker tournament open to beginners who are free to play against seasoned veterans of the game. The online tournament is a sign of things to come for the country’s bright future in the online gaming industry. For more international and local gaming news, check out our other articles here on Absolute Gizmos