The Safety Features in the Recent Vehicles—How Safer You Are As a Rider!

Ever came across one of the vehicle accident videos? You run them slow and so many factors suddenly pop up about the whole accident. Sometimes, the harness saves the child, air-bags secures the face of the driver, etc. If the protective gear is pulled on properly, the injuries never become too fatal to be treatable. Following are some best automobile safety features:

Blind Spot Detection Gear

The basic lesson any new driver gets from the instructor is the use of mirrors. We must look over our shoulders through the mirror to see what is behind us and in our blind spot. The best way to be aware of the traffic behind is blind spot detection gear. It picks up the missing links, behind you and warns you about the vehicles which are approaching  near. Use the blind spot detection gear by shining small orange or yellow lights in your door mirrors.

Rear-view HD Hinting Camera

Rear-view HD hinting cameras give the driver a vibrant view of what’s behind the vehicle. If not done properly, reversing is the trickiest part of the driving process. The rear-view camera makes reversing easier and protects children and animals from being hit or run over. What makes these rear-view efficient is that these cameras typically use wide-angle lenses to give up to 180-degree backward views.

4D Tires for Heavy Vehicles

4D Tires provide better grip on the road and come with a special slip free surface. The micro fiber sucks the road surface hard while the carbon provides subtle movability to the structure of the vehicle. If you have put your atv tires for sale, exchange them with the 4D tires for your car to increase the subtlety and grip on the road.

Special Motorcycle Helmets for Bikes

If you are a small machine driver, you’d be aware of the specially designed safety helmets like xxs motorcycle helmets, etc. These pieces are laced with oxygen supply, blood sucking paddings, and thermal control mechanism which keeps the head at a favorable temperature in case of an injury.

A Glimpse into the Future of the Vehicle Protection

Here is a list of new safety technologies that will start to appear on the luxury cars and motorcycles within the next few years.

  • Emergency Exit Door or Seat Ejection

The door control exists in almost every car today. The mechanism placed inside the door-locks temporarily keeps the kids from opening the back doors of the car. However, after a few years, the same phenomenon will exist, but in a better shape. The driver or the passenger will be able to eject the car seat in case of emergency. Impressive!

  • Face Recognition or Retina-scan

Subaru Forester has already introduced the face recognition software in its 2019 model. The New York Auto Show gave us a peek into how the safety feature will be embedded in the cars. The two purposes of this software will be to limit the access of the vehicle to the owner and to gauge the facial expressions of the driver while he/she is driving. It constantly measures the driver’s level of alertness and warns him when it sees him not paying the full attention. This particular feature will reduce the risk of fatal accidents before they happen.

Hence, the existing and the upcoming safety features in different vehicles serve drivers and riders a lot and ensure their safety to the maximum.  

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