Things to remember while buying a Power Bank


By Mr. Ashok Rajpal – Ambrane India

It’s no surprise that in the connected world we live in, the most useful and vital gadget of them all has got to be a powerbank. These days’ battery technology is not where we want it to be with relation to how much we use our devices, and we often find ourselves out and about, stuck with the dreaded red battery logo.

Knowing this the portable power bank has come a long way since the early days however the problem is that in this market, there is a plethora to choose from that come in all shapes, sizes and for every use known to man. So how do you know what’s good when price is not the biggest determining factor? Here’s the list of key things to remember while buying a Power Bank –

To begin with, the most crucial among all is the Capacity of the Power Bank. The capacity is measured in Mah – we suggest Bigger is always better, go for the highest Mah you can afford, it’s always better to have extra juice rather than run out mid-charge. Always pick the mAh which could be 2x the output capacity of your mobile battery or the total gadgets which need to be charged.


One needs to also keep the usafe in mind along with the ‘Current draw’to charge the batteries. Next, people looking to charge multiple devices simultaneously need to opt for a power bank with two or more slots.But with the increase in slots, the price of the power bank increases as well.

Essentially, pay attention to the type of cells — Lithium-ion or Lithium-polymer — used in the power bank. Li-ion is cheap and easily available. Li-poly cells, on the other hand, are more expensive, but provide twice as much charge density per unit weight.

While making your buying decision do ensure that you buy from a reputed brand. Many times, cheap power banks — the type available on the streets — do not list the correct mAh capacity or the proper current draw. These batteries could also explode due to heating from over charging.

For improved safety and performance, buy a model that comes with over voltage protection (OVP), over charge protection (OCP) and over-temperature protection (OTP) that ensure its longevity against spurts in current, and overheating during charging and discharging.

So don’t forget to browse through the checklist while buying the right Power Bank – So now Stay Happily Charged!