Transcend JetFlash 340 32GB USB OTG pendrive review

Transcend Jetflash 340

USB OTG support has always been a major feature in Android phones these days which lets you access to connect your Pendrive, wireless mouse, wireless keyboard and almost all USB related accessories. The only down point is you gotta get a USB OTG cable which converts the MicroUSB Port to female USB port then you are accessed to connect your USB device. A all time USB device manufacturer, Popular for making pendrives and hard disk tried to do this thing completely differently with the launch of JetFlash 340, The huge line up of JetFlash series of pendrives but this is quiet different.

Transcend Jetflash 340

Form factor of Transcend JetFlash 340

I said they really tried to do different, they merged off an microUSB connector at bottom that is really a good move and being with the market. The pen-drive is still that small, portable and light, easy to fit in pocket likewise any other pendrive but with both side ports makes it different than all other pendrives.  We were really impressed with the form factor of Jetflash 340.

Performance of Jetflash 340

Well, Transcend pendrives were also known for good performance in that case It will not disappoint you in both case on windows or android. I think this form factor has a good advantage of lossy or loose USB OTG cable specially while travelling the pendrive doesn’t move from smartphone and deliver the exact best fast speed.

here’s some benchmark

Transcend JetFlash 340 Benchmark


The pendrive form factor is amazing and great advantages, Also good copying speed that too at price of Rs. 1123 over flipkart I would say its the best deal that for 32GB is really amazing.

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