Truvison 40 inch Smart LED TV Review

Truvison TX407Z Review

Hello Everyone, Smart TVs market is exploded in 2018, and we have seen a lot of new brands with aggressive TV pricing. This is Rupesh from Absolute Gizmos, and this is the review of Truvison 40 Inch Smart TV. The model which we have is Truvison TX407Z.

InBox Content

  • The TV
  • Safety Instruction guide
  • Mounting brackets
  • Stands
  • Remote
  • 2 AAA Battery
  • User guide and Warranty paperwork

Video Review


Build of the Truvison TV

Talking about the TV. It has a TV perspective perfectly as you would expect but including the smart feature makes it different and stand out. If you want to know the exact size of the TV, then the width of the TV is 3ft or 91.5 CM. You can see measuring tape reading. And the height including the stand at the bottom 57.5 CM.

Truvison TX07Z Ports

Truvison TX07Z Ports

Let’s see the ports and buttons on this TV. At the rear bottom, there is power cable which is non-removable. Then we have RJ45 Lan port for Internet then three audio/video port, VGA port for PC, PG audio port and 2 HDMI port with RF input port.
At rear side we have 2 USB port for media, APK or power for some smart dongle, then we have SD mini port, MME output, and some more audio video ports. Let me also show you the three pin power adapter.
These are the 4 screws where the mounting bracket would go, and TV would be mounted on the wall. Then at the rear side bottom, we have some physical buttons from the top, Vol Up, Vol down, Channel +, Channel-, Menu, Source, and power button.
Truvison TX07Z

Truvison TX07Z Buttons

Let’s have a look at the remote. At the top, we have Power/ Child lock button with ECO button at right. Below to it, we have YouTube, NetFlix and Hotstar button. With the 4th screenshot button. Then below to it, we have the standard Volume up and down, Channel Up and down, with Source and mute switch. Then we have Mouse button on the left to enable or disable mouse cursor on the screen. To confirm this remote doesn’t support air mouse. I will tell another way to use air mouse in this video. Then we have the home button which is essential. The middle has up down left right and menu and back button. Then number button for direct cable tv and at the bottom we have smart sound profile button which enhances sound via different sound profiles for a soundbar. And smart p button is for the screen profile like vivid, regular or user mode.
Truvison TX07Z remote

Truvison TX07Z remote

Performance and Software Experience

The first bootup was quick the setting up the TV with WIFI and google account took some time due to no air mouse. I have skipped that part. Even it scans for the channel at first. And always in the first boot, it doesn’t boot into UI, it boots into AV mode which is where you might spend you could directly JUMP to the menu using the home button. It supports the Play store as it comes with Android 4.4 and you have to go with a lot of updates in starting.
The TV has 40 inches Full HD 1920 by 1080 pixels LED panel with 300000:1 contrast ratio. The viewing angle on this screen is perfect. You will watch the same picture from any perspective you prefer. The contrast, saturation, color reproduction is entirely on point. It depends on the source of the picture and also equally important with the internet connection in case of streaming apps. Sometimes I felt picture showing sharp details and imbalance whites. But in the typical scenario, it did work correctly.
Talking about Android, It has Android 4.4 inside coupled with 1GB ram. I think that’s enough ram coupled to Broadcom processor. The apps you would throw it handles well. More important you could sideload your favourite APK file if a particular app is region specific. By the remote, you would have analysed the inbuilt apps. There were few more installed like Wireless display, EShare. Eshare is totally an important app which lets you use your phone as a touchpad for mouse or mirror TV screen phone or Cast photo or video or phone screen TV. The Eshare app on TV completely changed my experience of TV. I was able to do things much better. Each time you start the TV, The tv will boot-up in AV mode. Click the home button on the remote and you reach the UI. More to that for the Eshare app, you have to pair the TV only once on same Wifi network then you are ready to experience the best. I tried installing Amazon Prime video or Voot which are not officially optimised for TV resolution but you can install from Play store. It does throw some warning, and it works like a stretched out the app but did work decently. I tried casting from the phone using wireless display, and it was not the best experience. There was a bit of lag between me current screen status and tv. I have used a lot of smart TV UI, but TrueVision UI is now well refined. There are some more case where I think it required more enhancement. Still Limited apps are taking advantage in android. I spent the most time on Netflix and youtube and casting few videos. But My family used to spend time in HDMI mode with setup box, and this is the reason I think why it doesn’t boot directly into Smart UI mode. Overall I think the experience will be much better if they constantly push out updates to its UI and optimize it well. Also, I think if they develop their own apps. You don’t get any bundled subscription with this TV and I think they should Tie up and Do something which can make the buyer more interested. Let me know in the comment section what do think of the smart TV’s in India or if you are using how is your experience. Here are the ratings for this TV.

Pricing and Verdict

The TV is Priced for around Rs. 34490/- for 40 Inch version. We really think the pricing is totally Ok but little bit adjustment will definitely enhance and make user buy this TV. Truvision should definitely take this point.

Truvison TX407Z Review

Rs. 34990/-









Value For Money



  • Decent Pricing
  • All Required Ports
  • Dedicated Youtube, Netflix, Hotstar buttons on Remote
  • Great Viewing Angles


  • Android 4.4 They can push updates to solve this.