UAG Armour Gear Case Review

UAG Armour Gear Case iPad Air

I don’t know if you have heard of UAG (Urban Army Gear), These are the smartphone and tablets Rugged case manufactured. Ever heard of them ? if not then we will tell you our experience of  them. These UAG armour case are the most rugged and sturdy case you could buy for you smartphone and tablet

UAG Armour Gear Case iPad Air

UAG Armour Gear Case iPad Air

Build of the UAG Armour case

the case  looks stunning in the looks, it has got those special rugged look in the stylish form factor makes it stand out different than all the cases you could compare with. More importantly, it covers all the sides possible for the iPad, So these are drop proof case. It could easily handle your accidental drops from table height even more than that. The case if can handle shocks well for you but the only thing which would get damage is the case. I would say that only thing the case roughly costs 50$ approx which is quite high, but think of your device which cost more than 700$ and if it breaks and not covered under Apple Care or under service it would cost you almost 4 times than t hat cost to repair your device or probably replace your device for better cost than that. So think you wanna spend 400$ or more to break and replace your device or save it with just spending 50$ which is three times cheaper for sure.

So what exactly this case is made up, I won’t say you gotta understand the material but take for example of cricket batsman while going to match wears almost 7 Paddings and 1 helmet for the safe play. So The UAG Case isn’t different from that it does exactly the same thing with the devices. Now you have a wide variety of devices UAG manufacture the case. Even it doesn’t make the button hard, the buttons are still better tactile and more importantly, it can replace Apple Magic cover, It delivers the Apple Magic cover Experience too.

How worth is the UAG Armour Gear case ?

So I told you don’t think that the case is expensive that is for 50 $ or 3500 INR think of your device which is much expensive almost 50,000 Rs/ 700$ unlocked or above ( latest flagship does have that price). If your device gets damaged Apple does replace the whole product and if the product isn’t covered in Apple Care plan then You gotta play 350$/ 25,000rs or more than that. Such time can be controlled definitely wit4h just 50$ or 3500rs case. Again it has the best quality you could get which don’t go out of style for sure.


We definitely recommend this case, Also its made available on Amazon India also which will definitely grab better customers for sure.




UAG Armour Gear Case








Value for money



  • Well Sturdy
  • Good Looks