UC Browser on Android Gets Matherial UI in its update

UC Browser update

UC Browser, India’s number one mobile browser with over 36% market share, released two major updates recently, UC Browser 10.0 for Android and UC Browser Mini 9.5 for Android. Both updates bring fundamental changes to the browsers’ overall look and feel inspired by Android 5.0 Lollipop’s design aesthetics. On both UC Browser 10.0 for Android and UC Browser Mini 9.5, you can expect beautiful design and enhanced user experience that’s a perfect combination of simplicity and utility.

UC Browser 10.0: Style and Substance

UC Browser 10.0 for Android is a milestone update featuring the biggest changes by far this year. Inspired by user feedback and the new Android Lollipop’s more vibrant yet minimalist aesthetics, UC Browser worked closely with California-based design studio CreativeDash to bring users a fresh browsing experience that perfectly embodies the phrase “style and substance.” With UC Browser 10.0 for Android, you’ll have the privilege of enjoying both the simplicity in style as well as the substantial versatility in function.


UC Browser Adds Up Matherial UI in Update


The Navigation Page is UC Browser’s default home page that provides quick access to popular websites and rich content. Although many users like how it lets them access different web content easily, some have also called for a simpler home page. With these conflicting ideas in mind, UC Browser set out to find the best solution to satisfy both needs.


UC Browser Adds Up Matherial UI in Update

The result is a fresh and more stylish Navigation Page that preserves the quick and easy access to rich content such as Bollywood videos, live cricket scores, online shopping and train enquiry. Also, you no longer have to scroll down to find your favorite sites. You can access all you need in one page.

Apart from the Navigation Page, UC Browser also improved the overall user interactive experience. For example, the new Tab Management feature makes tab switching easy, and you will surely love its sleek animation effect. The Menu has been relocated to the right side, while the Home button is now placed in the centre where it’s supposed to be – just like the Home buttons on most Android phones. These changes make the browser more intuitive and streamlined to the overall Android experience.

Finally Here! Navigation Page Now on UC Browser Mini

UC Browser Mini was built to not only give Android users an alternative browser that’s lighter on a phone’s resources, but also gives a mobile browsing experience that’s just as good as the rest. As a simple and lightweight browser with minimum features, it requires very little hardware capability and helps budget phone users around the world easily access the internet.


UC Browser Adds Up Matherial UI in Update




Not only that, today, UC Browser Mini makes its biggest breakthrough yet. Being able to maintain its tiny 1.1MB installation package, the latest UC Browser Mini now comes with a fully-functional Navigation Page that provides you with one-click access to rich content including live cricket scores, Bollywood videos, popular apps and games. You can also customize the Navigation Page by adding and modifying your favorite content.


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