Using Amazing Apps To Achieve Your New Year Resolution

New year resolution

It’s the day of 31st, and everyone does take a pen and paper and define a resolution for their new year. Even I do the same , but this time quiet different with my smartphone and tablet. Let me tell you , why should we do that, it’s simply because they are always with us and they are the best way to always remind us the resolution which we decided at the start of the year. There are many apps to which we can make and complete the resolution, so things can be made personal between you and your smartphone, knows what to you can achieve and do get the most of your new year.

New year re

  • Weight LosingĀ 
    Most people have this as their new year resolution and its the tuffest one, I think for my self to maintain Noom weight is the app which will help you to get the resolution. if your new year resolution is to lose 5 pounds or any number then this app can help you to get that. It will not disapponit you. Available for iOS and Android
  • Quit Smoking
    Most do men’s have their new year resolution as to quit smoking and then you can’t achieve it. Well to achieve it we have an app. Quit smoking : Censsation nation for Android , Quit pro for iOS , KickSmoking for windows phone.
  • Money
    Most of the people have their new year resolution to save Money or to earn money . To do this we have an app Pocket Expenses personal finance for iOS , Money Lover for android, Budget Buddy for Windows phone.
  • Habbit
    One of my favorite is to start a new habbit and there is an app for it too. Lift – daily motivation available for both Android and iPhone you can use this app to develop an amazing incredible habbit this new year
  • Notes and Remainder
    The best thing is to take a note , write your goals in a notepad like app for example Evernote, One note And look at your goals everyday evernote is available at iOS ,Android , Windows phone. And Use your calender app to set remainder almost all smartphone have this.

Image credits :Google