How To Visually Boost Your PC Gaming

Whilst most games consoles are built to deal with high frame rates and flashy visuals, your average PC isn’t. If you’re an avid PC gamer, you may find yourself unable to compete with the higher leagues if your image is laggy or lower quality. You may find that you’re not even able to play some modern games because your graphics card isn’t able to handle them. If this is the case, it’s time to make a few modifications to your machine. Not only will the following alterations boost your PC’s visual performance, they’ll also evolve your gaming into a whole new cinematic experience sure to make your gaming all the more exciting and immersive.


Buy a 4k monitor


The graphic display of most modern games is so high, it’s almost photo-realistic in some cases. Of course, without a decent monitor, you’re not going to be able to pick this up. 4K monitors are the newest technology, many carrying double the pixel rate of high-end HD screens. Whilst this resolution quality may seem ridiculous to some, for precise gaming when you need to spot that distant player before they see you, this pixel rate can make a massive difference.  This list of the best 4K gaming monitors may help you to better understand the spec on offer – some include speakers or are able to support landscape pivot. Pro gamers may even consider using multiple monitors, giving you the ability to increase your view range or display a tutorial video or leaderboard whilst you play.


Install a new graphics card


Buying an up-to-the-minute graphics card could allow you to play the most visually demanding modern games, whilst also increasing your frames per second, allowing for smoother gameplay. Here are some of the most modern graphics cards currently available – all of which come with complex fans for keeping your computer from overheating.


If you’re savvy enough, you can install these yourself, or get a technician to put them in. You can take further action to overclock your graphics card, boosting its performance even further. However, this does take some knowledge of how graphics cards work – get it wrong and you could break the card.


Download the latest drivers


There are many ways that you can alter your software to increase your visuals from cleaning up your PC, to using optimisation tools. One of the simplest ways to boost your performance is to ensure that your graphics card has all the latest drivers installed – you may be running your new graphics card on old drivers, in which case you won’t be getting any of the effects. If your computer runs on Windows, make sure that this is all fully up to date too. Individual games may also have updates pending that you’ll want to install to keep your games up to date. Your computer may have already installed these automatically, but it’s always worth double-checking to ensure you’re gaming to the best of your capability.