Vivo promotes its new upcoming smartphone V15 pro

Vivo is a popular smartphone company in india specially for the offline market. I think Vivo specifically did much better last year in the Indian smartphone market. With smartphones such as Vivo Nex and V11 pro, Vivo showcased benchmark and innovation of the device. We didn’t got to chance to have hands-ons or complete review but audience reaction did made it clear to us.

This time vivo is marketing its new upcoming device as #GoPop #Vivov15Pro #VivoIndia. We did spot the Vivo van on the road as showed in the image below.

Vivo V15 Pro

They were projecting few video slides which made us clear its about the new device. The new device will have a selfie pop feature which it showcased in the flagship Vivo Nex and looking at the model number I am sure that its a mid range or a budget device. There are even rumours that it will be a 32 MP selfie camera but we will come to that later

We are totally excited for the launch of the device, It is suppose to be launch on 20th Feb 2019. So stay await for this wonderful device.