How Weather Can Affect Airport Operations & Why It’s Important to Have the Proper Tools

If you’ve ever flown on a commercial airline, chances are good that you’ve experienced a delay due to adverse weather. Perhaps it was waiting for the plane’s wings to be decided, or maybe your destination airport was battling a severe blizzard or windstorm. There are many ways that weather can affect airport operations. That’s why it’s important to have the right tools. With a lightning strike map real time and a severe weather tracker, an airport can prepare for severe weather and improve its operations.


  1. Lighting Detection


The lighting that is visible in the sky is only a fraction of the total lightning strikes that occur in a storm. In-cloud lightning is an excellent predictor of incoming severe weather. An airport that has a severe weather tracker to detect in-cloud lightning is an airport with a distinct operating advantage. With a lightning strike map in real time, decisions can be made on the spot to improve operational efficiency.


  1. Preparation Means Protection


Airports work to keep people and property safe by making decisions that prevent adverse weather from causing injury or damage to passengers, crew, buildings and equipment. Having the tools to track severe weather means that airport operational staff can protect aircraft from damage due to hail or lightning strikes and take steps to reduce injury.


  1. Data Streamlines Operations


The more information an airport has about incoming weather that can affect on-time performance, the better it can work to mitigate the problem. Having accurate weather information helps streamline operations and decision-making so that the entire operational process goes smoother.


Airport operations are affected every day by changing the weather. With lightning maps in real time and severe weather trackers, it’s easier to make the split-second decisions that can dramatically improve operational efficiency and performance. Knowledge is power, and the confidence that comes with the right tools can make all the difference in airport operation