Wegilant launches security loophole scanner for Android Apps

Mumbai based IT security company, Wegilant has launched a unique security loophole scanner named Appvigil. Intended for Android App developers, this cloud based Android App code auditor reveals all the security drawbacks in android application, thereby reducing the possibility of the App being intruded by hackers. In a Scenario where security is a constant threat in the online space, Appvigil will help in delivering secure apps to users, especially banking and personal finance apps that have highest security risk and are an attractive target for attacks due to the nature of information they hold.


As far as using the app is concerned, it doesn’t require developers to share the actual source code of the app. They would simply need to upload their app’s .apk file on Appvigil.com and start a scan to check for vulnerabilities in their app. In spite of it being a highly detailed report, one does not need to wait for days to get their assessment report as it is delivered promptly within a few minutes itself. Based on this report, one can get to know of all the possible security flaws in the app and bridge it well in advance. The usability of the app has been kept fairly simple as one doesn’t have to go through any sort of complex training to use Appvigil.

In a space where 1.31 million apps are available in the Android Play Store and with 150 million app downloads annually, currently, such a comprehensive loophole scanner for android apps is absent in the market. Seeing a vital need for such a product, the team at Wegilant decided to build such an application. It will benefit developers from a business perspective, since identifying security and privacy vulnerabilities during the development phase itself would lessen the cost of damage to a great extent. Additionally, the precise gap-recommendation analysis would reduce the developer’s time in analyzing security threats and instead give them more time to create awesome features for their Android Applications.

Wegilant is the brainchild of an exceedingly specialized IT security team led by IITian, Toshendra Sharma, who is also the founder at Wegilant, a SINE IIT-B incubated startup. Comprising of a mix of IIT students and IIM Alumnus, Wegilant offers security audit services for websites, networks, wireless networks, mobile devices and applications, and compliance of IT regulations.  The company also offers education, consulting and implementation to small, mid and large sized organizations.

The team at Wegilant is constantly innovating and working towards developing unique tools and products globally in the IT security market.