Why Backblaze: 5 Most Significant Features?

Backblaze is a new service from Dropbox that is gaining momentum. Backblaze gives you unlimited free online storage space. It’s easy to install, which makes it a good option for beginners. But also, Backblaze has a few drawbacks. Backblaze backup data may be slow and may also interfere with other web activities, such as uploading pictures to your Facebook page.

1.    Restore in Original State:

So how does Backblaze differ from most cloud storage providers? First, the Backblaze review allows you to restore any computer to its original state. This is probably going to be more valuable to you than anything else you’ll find in its interface. Restoring your computer’s original configuration means that you’ll be able to use applications and data that were backed up before you deleted them.

2.    No worry to Lose Data:

Backblaze’s servers use B2 Cloud storage, which means that you don’t have to remember whether or not you backed up everything. When you restore any data using Backblaze, it will use algorithms that will determine what data is “needed” and what data is “idle”. If your Backblaze account is inactive, you will not lose any data.

3.    Create Bundles of Files:

Another feature that sets Backblaze apart from the crowd is that it allows you to create “bundles”, or groups of files that can be synchronized between different Backblaze accounts. You can use as many of these bundles as you like so that if you need to backup data for more than one computer, you can.

The software will also automatically send a message to all your external drives when it detects that they’re available for saving data so that all you have to do is select the right bundle for the job.

4.    Automatic Backup Capability:

One of the primary reasons why people choose Backblaze over other cloud storage providers is the automatic backup capability. The service will backup all of your data and then restore it in the background when you’re working on something else.

If you’re working on a project that could take a few days to complete, you can go ahead and continue working while your data is being restored. The great thing about using b2 cloud storage is that it always stays up-to-date so that when you restore your data, it will be the same as it was the last time you checked it.

5.    Secure Backups:

Once you’ve used Backblaze for some time, you will come to appreciate its most essential features: the ability to encrypt data and files, and the easy creation of secure backups. This encryption feature protects all of your files at the server so that if you accidentally delete a file or a folder, you won’t lose any data on your hard drive. When you create your backup, the software will use an encryption key to make sure no one else will get to what you’ve saved. When you use the automatic backup feature, Backblaze will use an encryption key you have set up previously.

6.    Restore Data Immediately:

Backblaze allows you to make backups so that you will be able to restore your data immediately, should the computer crash or you experience a hardware problem. Because all of your data is stored on their separate disks, Backblaze offers you the convenience of backing up only certain parts of your hard drive. For example, you can create a backup that stores only your documents, or only your videos and music, or anything that you want to back up. Using Backblaze makes internet security a vital part of keeping your computer safe.

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