Why Vivo V9 Sets a Different benchmark to the offline market ?

Vivo V9

Vivo phones are the most advertised phones in the Indian market. There are hardly few people who know doesn’t know Vivo brand. Even when we get a query for buying a smartphone in an offline market people are keenly interested in it. Vivo’s latest flagship for the year the Vivo V9 finally was released and here are few why people would love it.

Vivo V9

Vivo V9


The first and foremost the front camera in the Vivo V9 is 24 MP, f/2.0 camera which no doubt the most detailed front camera out of any smartphone. The size and the details it will produce will be truly exceptional and more important the seller would highlight the feature to you compared to all other phones he has sold in the shop. The beauty processing is what makes people love the camera and personally, I am not the fan of the beauty mode which smoothens the skin.

Edge to Edge display

iPhone X is the first phone to come with an edge to edge display with the Notch, and same can be found in the Vivo V9 for the 1/3rd price of the iPhone X. The Shopkeeper will be totally gaga about the display in front of you and he might convenience you to save money while buying an iPhone too. I have seen it happening in few offline shops. The display of the Vivo is good I won’t say the best/ perfect but for the price point, it offers it is good.

Snapdragon Inside

Over the war between Oppo and Vivo in the offline market and enthusiastic drive makes the Snapdragon better over MediaTek. I personally say for normal use it won’t matter which processor inside makes better or worst. For heavy users, it does matter what processor is inside. Also, a heavy user personally won’t easily grab Oppo/Vivo brand easily.



I personally say the phone is good but there are better options in the market which are totally dethroned while buying a phone in the offline market. Something like the Nokia 7 Plus which will be on sale on 30th April.