Windows 8 Now has More Than 100000 Apps

Well recently Microsoft Just Announce Windows 8.1  in the build 2013 and now it windows store which automaticallys update the apps without showing the notification in windows 8.1 and it has a all new look comparitively to windows 8 so users and devlopers get more and more downloads has now over 100000 Apps which is really good for the microsoft as to be in a good place in the market as now smaller screen windows 8 rt 7 inch tablet will be launching as shown by steve ballmer, the ceo of microsoft. so people if buy those will have more source of apps for their touchscreen devices and even for touch screen desktops, laptops or convertible. Windows 8 was announced by microsoft in late october and in less than a year has 100000 apps. PC had been having a good dominance in the normal consumer market changing the way what and how people work at their homes, offices and with windows 8/8.1 they will be having touch screen making the things even quicker and mainly user friendly. Even in great competition windows 8 is surving after its competitors you know that’s really awesome work by microsoft. Recently Windows 8 also be getting Facebook and Flipboard App which are now almost on all appstore. Also if windows 8 is devloping with this rapid then definately windows phone 8 appstore will be developing with this rapid apps.

Windows 8 Appstore has now 100000 Apps

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