HP Spectre 13, World’s Thinnest Laptop Finally Launched in India

Ketan Patel, Director Personal System Hp India, Holding the HP Spectre

If you don’t know HP Spectre 13, Then it is currently the Thinnest and Most Stylish Laptop in the world. Talking of being the Thinnest Laptop, The Hp Spectre 13 is as thin as AAA battery That is 10.4 millimetre. Being the thinnest laptop, It doesn’t lack for looks as well as it doesn’t lack for performance segment as well. Talking of styling, It has a CNC machine Aluminium Chasis with Carbon Fibre Bottom which adds durability and as well as lightness to the laptop. The laptop weighs just 1.11 KG making it the lightest for it. High gloss copper accents […]

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Asus R510J Gaming Laptop Review

Asus R510J Front

Asus has one of the wonderful desktop laptop makers as we seen its ROG series and ZenBook series. We also saw some other Laptop in the Asus Line-up in which the same we will be today, Is the Asus’s R series of the gaming laptop. This is the Asus R510J/ X550J complete review. I would try to get the most from the laptop itself. Over to the first impression, It was totally a normal laptop like looks,  It didn’t have different look like what we saw in Asus ROG or even in Alienware, Again those are high-end specification laptop. This one […]

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Asus Zenbook UX303 Review – Is this the best windows Ultrabook ?

Asus Zenbook UX303

I still review lots of laptops and ultrabook, when it comes to proper windows laptop there’s hardly you will find, even after heavy investment, it lacks something of that how well optimised the MacBook are in the same spectacular budget of the Mac. Asus did send me an ultrabook which was Asus Zenbook UX303 / UX303UA, which is the Asus’s ultrabook line-up. Whenever ultrabook comes in their key things to check out is good / best specification , slim form factor, attractive build and awesome experience. What’s an Ultrabook ? Ultrabook is actually trademarked brand of Intel for high-end notebooks with […]

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How do we use Smartphone ?

Co-produced by :Rebateszone & Absolute Gizmos   We do use and spend lots of time on smartphone while social networking, watching and streaming videos or movies , emails , online shopping etc. Here’s an imforgraphic which represented the same thing which we do with it and amount of time invested on it. there are 1.4 billion smartphone users compare to 2 billion PC users. Well that’s huge. An average American spends 3.3 hour on it that’s twice the time they spend on eating , 1/3rd time they spent on sleep. And over 1/3rd time they spent on working each day.  40x users […]

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Asus ROG GL-552 Gaming Notebook Review

Asus ROG (Republic Of Games) series always made for gamer, with better dedication. We did seen an Asus Gaming CPU (Asus ROG G20) review which was really awesome. Here’s a laptop, a gaming laptop which has got a specs for its price Asus ROG GL-552 review is up on Absolute Gizmos link in bio do check it out #asus #rog #gaming #laptop #review A photo posted by Absolute Gizmos (@absolutegizmos) on Mar 2, 2016 at 8:05pm PST Build of Asus Rog GL-552 The build of the Asus Rog GL-552 is no exceptional the best at looks, like the ROG series are made […]

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