Xiaomi Mi 4 – The Flagship Re-Defined

Xiaomi Mi 4 Front

Xiaomi had been a big hit into the Indian market, it’s flash sale lasts for few seconds and many things they are entering into even planning to build their own plant in India. Xiaomi had already been in the budget segment but with the Xiaomi mi4 they are stepping up into the elite segment of their smartphone. We really tested the Xiaomi mi4 for about a month and I will mention all the points I did noticed.

Xiaomi Mi 4 Front

Xiaomi Mi 4 Front

Build of xiaomi mi 4

I think it will the first device which had the Xiaomi logo on the front of the device including the back of the device. The Xiaomi Mi 4 is square with rounded corners. The front side on the top had a proximity sensor with call receiver at top with the front 5mp camera. The front bottom had the 3 navigation buttons seen in every android device. Bottom also includes the led notification light. The side had a metallic edges which is a 4 part network band which completely look alike like the iPhone 5. The back had a glossy white panel with the camera at the mid every time reminded me of the Samsung Galaxy S4. Its a unibody constructing but the back is totally finger print magnet. I do recommend to use any back cover to protect it. Overall the design was good but bit disappointed over the xiaomi mi 3.

Software of xiaomi mi 4

When xiaomi did launched the mi 4 in  India it did came with MIUI 6 right out of the box which is been skinned over android 4.4.4 Kitkat. The look and the beauty of the MIUI is been increased a lot to take the full advantage of the 1080p screen of the xiaomi mi 4. MIUI is more inspired to the iOS with its own cleaner makes it more of it own. I did missed the quick opening of music and notes app as MIUI 5 in Redmi note. Overall it’s doesn’t create a lag at all. I would complain one thing in MIUI that the operating system itself consumes 50% of the ram which is definitely insane.

Performance of xiaomi mi 4

I did mentioned the operating system was not lagging. The benchmark score over antutu approx 41947 which is quite below its competitor oneplus one. I did played games like asphalt 8, dead trigger buttery smooth.

Xiaomi Mi 4 Antutu Benchmark

Xiaomi Mi 4 Antutu Benchmark


This was something special, the best thing in xiaomi mi 4 was the 1080p screen which has the brilliant viewing angles as well amazing brightness. It did had some crystal dots which noticed on the direct sunlight. Still the readability of the screen on sunlight was brilliant something which made me remember of iPhone again.


Xiaomi Mi 4 Bottom Camera

Xiaomi Mi 4 Camera

The 13mp shooter at rear with single led flash did capture amazing photos on daylight,  HDR was as amazing as we seen earlier in Redmi note. At low light condition the photos were good, sometimes feel like over saturated or more flash was seen. Talking of video it did capture slow motion as well as fast motion pretty well. Talking of the front selfie 5 MP camera which did show age as mi 3.the image captured was more of whitish then to normal which will be more acceptable to girls.


The battery did last for day at normal use and over to performance it did last for 8h approx for me.  The stand by time of the phone is amazing.


The pricing is bit high and close to oneplus one, I will say its your own opinion of you want large screen go with oneplus one else go with Mi 4. Mi 4’s disappointment is no expandable support. Overall its screen will be best one for over who watch more movies.

Xiaomi Mi 4

Rs 19,999 (16GB), Rs. 23,999 (64GB)









Value For money



  • Best 1080p Display
  • Good Build quality
  • Amazing Flagship Performance
  • Good Camera for Video and Photos


  • Phone tends to heat while video recording for Long time
  • IR Blaster has to specific pre-install/ recommended App
  • Sometimes phone is Slippery