Zeta App Review – Best App for Company and Employee

There are lots of MNC and Government official company today which offers lots of schemes and benefit other than salary to employees. These makes things much simpler for the employee to live. There arises a problem, for example, you have a to take medical benefit from the schemes and befit offer. You have to provide a bill to the company. Then company HR team verify the bills, and after almost 1 or more than one month the money is refunded. Also, the company has to keep the billing record for seven years in physical format. The thing which is benefit for employee as well company is frustrating. For this problem there comes an App called Zeta.

How does Zeta Solve the Issue?

In this phase of Digital era, the issues can majorly address with the digital solution to the company. Zeta main aim is to employee benefits the most out of their salary. They made a single plastic card all in one for this. It’s a regular MasterCard, only difference the funds are differentiated and used according to allotted. For example, your company allowed some amount of money for medical. The time you swipe the card at the medical store, it automatically cuts from the medical funds, and it asks for the bill at that particular time. For Food then it will cut it from the Food allotted system. Things become much digital in this case, and HR can do so it from the backend CRM provided by the team Zeta.


What is it for the normal person who doesn’t work in an MNC or such?

This is the next question which comes to mind, right ? So, in that case, you can still download the app and get the plastic card for free. The thing is you can use this card as a Prepaid debit card where you have to add money with some other card or net banking.


  • A much better OTP System
    You don’t have to wait for OTP SMS. Inside the App, it keeps generating every two mins. More importantly, it will generate valid OTP even when you don’t have an internet connection.
  • Passbook
    You get a correct passbook entry digitally inside the app and access it anywhere and anytime.
  • Easier and Less Hectic
    So it’s more accessible to the employees to get the right funds and much easier even for the HR person to manage all the records digitally.

FAQ related to the App

  • What if my Zeta card gets lost?
    Ans. You can block the card from the App itself. Rest things are done by Zeta to track and manage. You can order for the new card from the Zeta or HR.
  • What if the device which has the Zeta App gets lost and I have to do the transaction?
    Ans.  If the device gets lost nothing to worry no one can access your app as it asks for the pin before showing you card info. For the OTP you can access the Zeta website to get the OTP for the transaction. You can also install the app on the new device and continue from where it was.
  • Can I use the card for Online payments?
    Yes, you can since it’s a valid master card you can do it.
  • Is it Free of cost?
    Ans. Yes it is Free of cost for employee, For the HR and company it takes about 2% of the transaction which happens.


This is really for the first time I am coming across an App, and It almost has no negative point in my Mind. I enjoyed the interaction with the Founder. I thanks, Zeta team for inviting me and letting me know about the product. All I can say all the MNC should go for this they would save lots of money as well as happy employees. There are definitely in App offers as well for the online sites which users are definitely benefitted.