ZONNETT Review – Aims for the best for your car

Zonnett Home Screenshot

I still remember when we were dreaming of buying a car and the excitement when we finally could fulfill our dream of owning one. But there comes a point when maintaining your car is a task! We either have no time in our busy schedule or find it so expensive that we avoid doing minor maintenance work. We also find it very difficult to find a suitable local dealer / garage for our car repair and maintenance. Zonnett wants to change this scenario and has come up with solutions for customers like us. Still, too many questions arise on how and why we should trust a new startup and many more.

Zonnett Home Screenshot

Zonnett Home Screenshot


How did Zonnett Start?

Mr. Abhijit Saxena, CEO of Zonnett has a quiet different story for the same. He owns a Skoda Superb which met with an accident. To get his car fixed he first met with the authorized service centre which estimated the cost of about roughly 3 lakhs! To get another opinion he went around and ended up visiting a local garage who did the same service for just Rs.45,000! That’s when the founders of Zonnett realized that there is a huge gap in between the car service providers and the customers, and how difficult it is for a car owner to find a trusted service centre that does not charge an exorbitant amount. This led the team towards 6 months of research of the automobile maintenance segment and that’s how Zonnett was born.


What does Zonnett offer?

Basis the research of the team, Zonnett has a database of 155 shortlisted garages and authorized dealers out of which you can book a service for your car, be it maintenance or repair. Whenever you book a service on the Zonnett Android/iOS app or through their customer service number you get three best quotations for the chosen service from three best options of garages near your location. So one can compare the quotations and choose the best out of three and book the service accordingly. The selected dealer will come and pick up your car from your doorstep and deliver it within the given time frame. Once the job is completed by the dealer it is verified by Zonnett’s representative and then delivered to the customer. Currently, the payment is at the doorstep as there is no payment gateway.

Zonnett is also coming up with innovative solutions in services for this particular automobile maintenance industry and one such service is the “Zero Water Car Wash”. Here a car is washed with the help of imported solvents instead of water, therefore, its saving thousands of litres of water that is used on a daily basis for a car wash. The solvents used are best for the paint and enhances the colour span of the paint as well. Zonnett has included this service in its app and also has tied up with various societies in Mumbai running the ‘Zero water car wash campaign’ assisting them to help save water especially when we are trying to conserve this resource in various ways possible. Broadly they offer many services like car spa (interior/ exterior), dent/ scratch removal, oil change, overall car maintenance and many more.


How does Zonnett benefit you? Especially when you do not even have any knowledge about car parts!

Suppose you have an issue in your car and you consult a garage which says a particular part has to be changed and you have no idea about automobile parts. So in this scenario, Zonnett provides the customer with technical and accordingly shares verified options from their list of dealers so you aren’t cheated with a heavy bill.


App Experience

When you start the app it will ask you to login or sign up. You start the sign-up and enter your details along with car details (manufacture model, fuel, registration number etc). Once you have completed the process of logging in you can avail various services at the home page below the map which are like battery replacement, CNG installation, tyre and service, regular service car spa and other repair options.

Zonnett App Screenshot

Zonnett App Screenshot

On the map, you get nearby locations of garages / authorized dealers according to the location. When you choose or select a service, you are asked to select your car model and other details. In the case of a dent, the app asks for a long and close photo shot of the dent. The query is processed to the nearby garage and the quotation will be displayed on the screen. Once the quotation is selected as per your choice, the service begins.



Overall it’s a marvelous startup and initiative by Zonnett. I would say it’s definitely something that has a potential and can grab a bigger market. I feel that this will definitely benefit all the car owners of India and make a mark in the automobile service industry.