ZTE Launched 6 Zmartphones and 4 Zmartcards in India Today

ZTE Launched 6 smartphone and 4 smartcards in India
ZTE Launched 6 smartphone and 4 smartcards in India

ZTE Launched 6 smartphone and 4 smartcards in India

Well You all must be quiet surpriced with the zmartphone and zmartcard you must be thinking this must be all because of ZTE’s Z well even i thought the same when i was gone to that event too. But the story behind the zmartphone and zmartcard by Dr Gavrav Somani ,Executive Director of Calyx telecomm , The real story what he said during the launch was” Its not because of the Z in the ZTE but its because we think Z as the last alphabet and nothing comes after that So nothing comes after ZTE nothing is better than ZTE ” that what he covered up with ZTE Launched 6 Zmartphones

Talking about the smartphones they launched today were

  • ZTE KIS FLEX                  -5,799rs
  • ZTE BLADE C                   -7,599rs
  •  ZTE BLADE G2               -11,599rs
  • ZTE BLADE E                   -11,999rs
  • ZTE BLADE L                   -12,599rs
  • ZTE Grand X Quad Lite  -14,999rs

And the Smart card or data cards

  • ZTE Swift (7.2Mbps with Voice call) 1,799rs
  • ZTE Swift+ (14.4Mbps) 1,999rs
  • ZTE WSwift (14.4Mbps with Wi-Fi) 2,250rs
  • ZTE Swift Speed(21.6Mbps with Voice call) 2,499rs


These were ZTE Launched 6 Zmartphones and 4 Zmartcards. Even Some points were disscussed during the Q and A section like is it the right time to launch a product after other company gained their reply were In business everytime is right. I think ZTE is late but if they give good service to customers with their 214 service centers they are never late for it. what people face a issue with the indian brands is the after sales service if they make a good one there is no one can stop them making the 3rd largest company in smartphone making from the 4th rank . I can just say All the very best ZTE we do expect a lot from you.