FINGERS launches ‘Pro Wireless (PD-QC)’ Power Bank: Revolutionary Combination of Wireless Charger & Power Bank!

  • Launches Fuel+ (PD+C) Power Bank too. Both these Power Banks (Pro Wireless and Fuel+) can charge 3 devices in one go. Including laptops!
  • The latest launches include wireless & wired offerings featuring Quick Charge and Power Delivery technologies to fuel your passions, uninterrupted!

Mumbai, February 11, 2020: FINGERS, undoubtedly India’s most innovative digital accessories brand, has expanded its range of offerings to now include PD & Wireless Power Banks with the launch of the ‘Fuel+’ & ‘Pro Wireless (PD-QC) Power Banks’

Bringing innovation to the masses being its core product philosophy, FINGERS has designed both the Fuel+ & Pro Wireless to provide full-speed charging for smart devices, including laptops, while appealing to the senses with its sleek designs and exquisite craftsmanship that renders it an indestructible & ergonomic feel for all day comfort.

The Pro Wireless is a 2-in-1 with Revolutionary Portable Combination of Wireless Charger & Power Bank in a slim design. Supporting wired and wireless charging simultaneously for added convenience, it sports a massive 10,000 mAh “A” grade Li-Polymer battery and comes with discerning features and technologies incorporated within. FINGERS has engineered the Pro Wireless with the latest Power Delivery (PD) fast-charging technology which automatically detects connected devices and delivers the precise amount of power for optimal and quick charging times.

Additionally, it has embedded Quick Charge (QC) Technology that reduces its self-charging time by almost 40% while having the ability to deliver up to 18 W of power output. By virtue of this high output ability, charging of larger devices like laptops and tablets is now possible with the Pro Wireless.

However, the standout feature and one which will set it apart from the competition is the revolutionary Wireless Charging feature that can charge Qi-compatible devices while simultaneously supporting wired charging through the 2 dedicated USB-A & USB-C (Type-C) ports. Additionally, the Pro Wireless is orientation agnostic and supports both horizontal & vertical wireless device charging to provide the user with uninterrupted and versatile viewing.

The Fuel+ is similarly specced without Wireless option and comes in an ultra-light and slim design with a digital display for battery status. It features both PD & QC features to provide all-day charging on the go.

Pro Wireless (PD-QC)
Pro Wireless (PD-QC)

Both Power Banks sport a sleek and scratch-resistant shell with Intelligent Safety incorporated that offers 9 layers of safety protection, thereby lending them an air of indestructibility.

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Sandeep S Parasrampuria (Founder and CEO of FINGERS) stated, “With FINGERS Pro-Wireless Power Bank, the user is bound be surprised that such a product was not offered until now. It’s the most comfortable way to keep your smartphone (supporting wireless charging) charged without any cable hassles. Be it on the move or on your table!  Fuel+ is another model added with quick charge and power delivery to provide fast charging and up to 3 devices charge simultaneously too!”

Sleek design, gigantic battery life and quick charging times render both the Pro Wireless & Fuel+  perfect for the young millennial on the lookout for a hardy and powerful power bank with their innovative touches only serving to further heighten the product experience!

All FINGERS Power Banks offer 5 benefits including guaranteed “A” grade Batteries, Guaranteed capacity, latest technology, appealing designs and lucky draws. It is also bundled with exciting stickers to make your product look trendy.

FINGERS has once again delivered on its promise of packaging innovation with these two stellar offerings and in order to celebrate this impending success, FINGERS will also be running a monthly lucky draw for 10 months for all its Pro Wireless & Fuel+ customers, where 3 winners every month stand to win exciting prices by registering their purchase on