Havells BT9003 BEARD Trimmer Review

You definitely know Havells from the most significant electrical equipment company. Today we have their new line of range of product that is the beard trimmer.

Havels BT9003
Havells BT9003

InBox content

  • 1 Beard Trimmer
  • Micro USB power adapter
  • Length Setting Comb
  • 1 X Cleaning Brush
  • 1 X Lubricating oil (5ML)
  • Instruction Manual and Paperwork


  • Uniquely design Auto Lock Zoom Wheel (To adjust the levels)
  • 20 Lock-in-length settings 0.5 to 10mm
  • Detachable U-Shape Stainless steel washable Blade
  • Micro-USB quick charge cord
  • LED Indicator turns green once fully charge

Build of Havells BT9003

When I unboxed the Havells BT9003 and held it for the first time, my impression where “It is thick and more important comfortable to grip and has excellent ergonomics.” Yes indeed unlike most the top section has the aluminium blades, wish it could be titanium one, but later I came to know there more top of the line which has it.

The thick unibody trimmer fits perfectly in the medium-size hands. More importantly, no matter, if you are left-handed or right, handed the placement of the buttons for Power On/off or the length adjustment is just perfectly placed. The top side has the Power On/Off button, and the bottom scroll wheels are where you adjust the length of the comb.

Comfort and performance

I’ll say one thing the vibration motor is less noisy. Also I did mention the ergonomics is very good in the build quality, that leads us to better and comfortable beard trimming. The inclusion of MicroUSB port is a less Hassel to carry a extra charger which is a good step by Havel’s. The performance over the time is really better and you get use to it quiet easily.


For under 1500rs or around the 1500rs price bracket it is a complete pick to goto buy option. If it’s available at discounted price it will always be a steal deal to get. One con is to mention is there is no carry case included with the trimmer. If you are travelling just make sure you get an extra one. Also incase if you are looking for a titanium blades then there is the higher version of the same trimmer available which we might review. Let us know in the comment section if you want that.