Why the Rs 0 Jio Phone isn’t made for you ?

Yesterday it was a great AGM of the Reliance where Ambani unveiled much data about the JIO as a brand. It has already changed the telecom industry and still, it is moving ahead to do more.

Jio phone

Jio Phone

I am gonna tell you why it’s the phone which isn’t made you. You are already reading it on Android or iOS phone which will minimum cost Rs 5000 or more.

So it’s already expensive to Jio 1500rs security deposit.

Then you might say it’s still cheap. Ok, It’s cheap, but it doesn’t come with Android. It comes with Reliance’s own Kai OS.

Plan of Jio Phone

The most highlighted feature of the phone was the 153rs per month for Unlimited calls, SMS and data.

Let me make the confusion of unlimited DATA. There is no unlimited high-speed data. The data for high-speed 4G internet is 500MB after 500MB it will be 128 kbps internet.

So you might already know about the Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan offer it offered 309 rs with 1 GB data per day. So that’s the half the price of the same plan currently.

So don’t be surprise and rush for the same offer. Yes there are calls and SMS unlimited.

Ambani in Jio phone AGM

Ambani in Jio phone AGM

The Missing Feature

Currently, there is no WhatsApp support for the phone. So you are stuck with it. You might say to me that’s not an issue I will use it as a hotspot to my current phone.

So a news to you is that there is no hotspot feature in the Jio Phone currently. There is only NFC which is again only for the Digital payments.

So that’s doesn’t make a great sense to buy for a already smartphone user.

The Aim

The AIM of jio or the target audience is the affordability and availablity of the Internet. More important those who never used internet and smartphone.

The one who already owns a jio sim trust me you are not the target audience and JIO won’t be surprised either.

153rs per month for 36 month that’s about 5,508rs + 1500rs deposit. Better is that you will wait for the new offer on existing SIM.

That’s it guys hope you like the post and let me know in the comments what do you think.