Titanfall 2 Exclusive look showcased by Nvidia

Titanfall 2

If you are a gamer, then you must remember the game Titanfall. No Doubt one of the best game which was also well optimised for the Multi-Core processor to take the full advantage and got a good sync with Processor and GPU. Also, one the game line-up made available for public beta which gamers loved. Even I played it at beta and later the pricing ranged at console game which was bit disappointment. Later many add-ons were added to the match and making a much better franchise. Even it can be a game standard for much games to test GPU.

Titanfall 2 much better successor to the Titanfall original series looks to be much action pack. Also, I can say with the Video you can able to play with best settings at full 4K UHD resolution. No words about HDR or something as the game releases we will get much coverage.

Titanfall 2

TitanFall 2

Nvidia Claims with Titanfall 2

So if you already own any of the latest Pascal series of graphics card, you will able to play this game very well. That’s what nVidia has claimed in the trailer itself.

Specification Screen Resolution Product
Ultra 3840×2160 GTX 1080
Recommended 1920 x 1080 GTX 1060
Minimum 1600×900 GTX 660

So don’t worry about GTX 1070 it will also play well.

Here’s the look at the single player 4K gaming on GTX 1080

Earlier this year Nvidia also announced the Gears of War free for Nvidia GTX 1060, 1070, 1080 which made a better reason to get the Nvidia Pascal series cards. Also, those who got the Asus Strix series were also be getting Mafia 3 free. So there lots of Anticipation with the free games bundle with the cards and giving much better reason to buy this cards for the gamers.

Overall I would say each gamer is going to enjoy the full company I don’t know about the Titanfall 2. I hope they price well and competitive to others so that the each gamer, not just nVidia will able to take the advantage. Also, We will try to get the hands on the game personally so that you people get the best position look.