Make Your iPad As Useful As Your Laptop

Tablets are great if all you want to do is browse Netflix or shop on the web. But as soon as it comes to doing anything that involves productivity, they fail us. Working on a tablet isn’t exactly fun, and most tasks can take up to twice as long as on a regular laptop. Not to worry. There are loads of accessories that can beef up your iPad and turn it from ho-hum into something that is really good for work.   Connect Your iPad To An HDTV Or Monitor   One of the first problems you’ll encounter when trying […]

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Sophos Safeguard Encryption 8 Review- Your Best Encrypt Friend Online

Online activity has boomed with the expansion of the internet. The Data transferred is in terabytes per second on this globe. Every need happens much quickly. With such massive transfer rate the issue arises of the privacy and not sharing things with an unknown or wrong person which could lead to a lot of failure rates. The online world is entirely different as we can’t use code words because we have to share data in files or media. Coding the same primitive RSA Algorithm but what if the data is huge. Then Aries the need of Sophos. Sophos is a company […]

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Top 7 Educational Gadgets for Students

Gadgets For students

Today it i’s hard to imagine classrooms without computers, interactive whiteboards, and the Internet. Each year the flow of information is increasing under the new requirements of the world, but children are familiar with technologies and modern means of communication and use them with confidence. Gadgets help students get a deeper insight into subjects, which makes the educational process much more efficient. Being mobile, they allow students to adapt to new methods of learning. In our century young people can use a lot of things to make their learning process easier. There even are companies like custom essay writing service, […]

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Why Buying Honor 6X is the Best choice in 2017

Honor 6X

Honor is a brand which no needs a different introduction in India. The Huawei P9 and Honor 8 were the ones which were launched last year. The stand out point of them was the dual camera setup at the rear. The Dual camera setup was the one in which one lens captured the colours, and other captured the monochrome image later combined by image processing to develop the most beautiful image. It was much stand out point and no doubt in the best smartphone camera race they did make a better appearance to the hype. In 2017 Honor did came with its […]

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Asus Zenfone 3 Max review – The battery beast has become much better overall

Asus Zenfone 3 Max

Asus entered the with Zenfone family in the Indian market, was a great move and they did well too. Iteration of the Zenfone has always shown tremendous upgrade and refinement from the predecessors. Similarly, we have seen Asus Zenfone Max earlier. A phone with massive battery also might charge another phone with juice remaining for itself.  The concept hasn’t changed, but rest all has changed. Yeah, I mean everything. Internally and externally which you might think was this the same phone?  Nothing points out the difference or inspired from earlier generations; it has got an entirely different and astonishing revamp […]

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