Kingston NV1 review – a PCIe NVMe M2 SSD the fastest one!

HyperX NV1 SSD unboxed

Ever since the SSD are invented the PC or laptops have seen a drastic changes in the performance and longevity of devices in performance. Today we have the Kingston NV1 SSD to review. Specification Form Factor M.2 2280 Interface NVMe™ PCIe Gen 3.0 x 4 Lanes Capacities 500GB, 1TB, 2TB Sequential Read/Write 2100/1700MB/s (all capacities) Endurance 500GB – 120TBW1000GB – 240TBW2000GB – 480TBW Power Consumption 500GB: 5mW Idle / 205mW Avg / 1.1W (MAX) Read / 3.3W (MAX) Write1000GB: 5mW Idle / 220mW Avg / 1.1W (MAX) Read / 3.3W (MAX) Write2000GB: 5mW Idle / 340mW Avg / 1.1W (MAX) […]

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TCL launches India’s First Mini LED QLED 4K and Video Call QLED 4K TVs to Unveil a New Era in Home Entertainment

·         The Ultimate Entertainer –Mini LED QLED 4K Android 11 TV C825 ·         The Gaming Champion – Gaming QLED 4K Android 11 TV C728 ·         The Multi-talent – Video Call QLED 4K Android 11 TV C725 ·         Featuring 120Hz MEMC,  Dolby Vision®,Dolby Vision IQ, Dolby Atmos®,IMAX Enhanced, Magic Camera, Game Master, , Hands-free Voice Control 2.0, TCL Smart UI and much more ·         The new C Series Range will be upgraded to Google TV starting from Q3 2021 TCL has launched its brand new 2021 C Series Range Lineup TVs: Mini LED QLED4K C825 with Magic Camera, QLED 4K C728 with Game Master and QLED […]

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Why Backblaze: 5 Most Significant Features?

Backblaze is a new service from Dropbox that is gaining momentum. Backblaze gives you unlimited free online storage space. It’s easy to install, which makes it a good option for beginners. But also, Backblaze has a few drawbacks. Backblaze backup data may be slow and may also interfere with other web activities, such as uploading pictures to your Facebook page. 1.    Restore in Original State: So how does Backblaze differ from most cloud storage providers? First, the Backblaze review allows you to restore any computer to its original state. This is probably going to be more valuable to you […]

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What are the App Stores for Android beyond Google Play Store?

World over individuals, institutions, and Governments are more aware of the role that technology plays in their lives. One aspect that we tend to overlook with our smartphone usage is our choice of store for apps. In this article, we will provide options for Android users for other stores that ought to explore.  Google Play Store One of the first mobile app stores, Google Play Store was introduced in 2008 with a vision to target the Android market. We all know how successful and popular this app store is across the globe. On average, this store comprises 2,714,499 apps, with 3739 new apps being added regularly.   Samsung Galaxy Store Available to Samsung app users, the Galaxy Store comes with a minimalistic interface with two tabs on […]

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TCL provides a bacteria-free WFH setting with Vitamin C filter ACs

The Vitamin C filter ACs can eliminate both dust and bacteria while also ensuring that users get a moisturizing effect while working from home Global Top-2 TV Corporation TCL has recently launched an innovative AC to promote user health and ensure safety against coronavirus. It is an Ultra-Inverter AC that comes with 3-in-1 filtration technology, including a Vitamin C filter, silver ion, and dust filters to not only eliminate dust and bacteria from the air but also provide a moisturizing effect to the users. The brand has created this product with a vision to provide users with an additional layer […]

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