Get Started on Building Your Own Gaming PC

If you’ve visually boosted your PC gaming by making modifications to the machine you play on, and you enjoyed doing so, why not take some time away from the gaming for a while and get to building your very own machine or device? Imagine the finished article: you playing your games on a machine that you built from scratch with your own two hands — sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, if this interests you, then you should get to work straight away! Below are a few hints and tips to help you get started on your venture.


A few words of warning before you start include: doing your building on a table or another flat surface that is well away from carpet, so as to avoid static electricity; and to touch a grounded metal object before handling any sensitive components of your PC so that you can get rid of any bodily charge that has, unbeknownst to you, built up over the course of the venture. Now, once all of that is clear to you and you have found all the tools, equipment and parts that you need by heading over to, you can really begin. You should first install the processor by matching the arrow on the bottom-left hand corner of the chip with the bottom corner of the socket in which it will be inserted. There is only one way to install a processor or CPU correctly, which means that, thankfully, the problem of doing it incorrectly is eradicated straight away.


Once this step is done then comes one of, if not the most, important steps: installing a system to keep the processor cool. When building any PC this is in an important step, but when creating a gaming PC it is especially important; this is because of the fact that the processor you will use will need to be incredibly strong in order to work correctly when it comes to playing the latest and most high-tech of games. Because of this, a heatsink is a pivotal component that must be included and installed as it will stop the processor from blowing up in your face whilst doing its job. And to only further the workload, there must be a heat conductive set between it and the processor; thermal paste is the best option in regards to doing this. There are a whole host of thermal pastes out there; the Artic Silver 5 AS5-3.5G, the best ranked option on, is one such option. Advice on how to correctly apply thermal paste can be found here. You should then slot in the RAM by first finding out where the slots are situated, and then proceeding to push down on the hinged tabs. They should be pushed in with a degree of pressure until the tabs click into place.


Now you’re over the first few steps in building your own gaming PC, you can take a little break and go back to your gaming on your other device; when it’s time to continue with your creation, make sure to check out what to do next.