Google sends out invite for Next Android 4.3 /Chrome release on July 24

Google's invite for July 24 event

Google’s next event to be held on July 24 with Sundar Pichai this means they are going to launch Android 4.which was been leaked for the google version of HTC one and samsung galaxy S4 only two feature were confirmed that is a new camera app for photography in android 4.3 and smartbluetooth for the bluetooth connected device. Its gonna have same name jelly bean. We may see Key lime pie but very low chances accroding to seen rumours.

Google's invite for July 24 event

Google’s invite for July 24 event

Other than android 4.3 Sundhar Pichai, VP of Android and chrome may also unveil the next nexus 7 with 1080p screen and snapdragon 800 processor. Even we will may see updates to the webos that is the chrome OS. People are lot curios about the next android version which was not seen in Google I/O and people were quiet disappointed but not the devlopers beacause of new Android studio and the new API’s. Hope Google will Not disappoint in its next launch event and All the best to google for next event