Top Mistakes Done By the First Time Linux User

Linux is an open source operating system
Linux is an open source operating system


1. Installing the Wrong or Advance Linux operating system

Well users go over the name and don’t know that its the advance linux operating system and end up getting pissed off. Advance Linux operating system like RedHat, Fedora , Debian ,etc. So which are the operating System you should try as a linux newbie who would be switching from windows is Mint os, Pinguy OS, Ubuntu OS

2.Making EXE file run Or Thinking Like Windows

This is the most commonly mistake that every newbie or new user does when he switches to linux making his software run over it. When linux have alternative to run most people install wine and expect everything will work like windows which is not the fact

3.Giving up to easily to the terminal or Command Prompt

When it comes to linux the first and the foremost thing to getting used to the terminal and commands of the terminal for getting the most of your linux operating System. In start it seems hectic but its more hectic in advance linux operating system so newbies must learn to use it.

4.Saving the OpenOffice file as a Microsoft Word file

This is important we mostly get used to open office and forget to save the openoffice file as microsoft word. As microsoft office is on windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS , Google Docs etc as majorly supported file format . So make sure you save the file as microsoft office related file type.

5. Giving Less Workspace While Dual Booting the Linux OS

This is the main thing when you get addict to linux you keep installing new things and storage of a specific file format gets easily allocated So try to give highest possible space min of 25gb the size you choose while installing feel free because you are not doing anything wrong or a hateful thing so just relax and give as possible space you won’t regret for it.

6.Installing Only Required and Important Updates only

When you will install windows first thing you will face is very large updates files almost sometimes upto 1gb make sure you go through each and seeking and updating only important ones linux is a free os and many devloper works for it making it a stable one. So make sure install only required updates because not everyone owns a faster  internet connection so install only reuired update as per your use.

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