Microsoft Launches Office For iPad

Just after microsoft introduced its new CEO Satya Nadella, Its a first launch of him as a CEO That’s Office for iPad. Last year Microsoft released office for iPhone and which was accessible only to the office 365 subscriber and no update or special version for iPad was been developed. This could be the microsoft’s major update for its product on iOS or Post PC Platform making it just amazing. We did a test through we didn’t had the office 365 subscription yet I was able to view documents like word,excel and powerpoint amazingly. Also Looking at the video given below […]

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Amazing Alternative To All The Most Used Apps Everyday

We do use lot of apps same app everyday but there is an alternative to each app you use. Alarm Clock Plus (Alternative to stock Alarm Clock) An amazing app to try on if u sleep a lot or make many alarm in single stock alarm then there is a math feature in it which will help you to wake you up the alarm doesn’t stop unless and until the math is completed also you can set custom ringtone too. Availablity: Android Friend Caster (Alternative to Common Facebook App) This is an Amazing alternative facebook app you must try if […]

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Apple iPad Air – Review The Best Tablet Of 2013

Apple iPad Air

We recently did the best phone of 2013 – LG G2 review. Apple iPad Air is simply phenomenal that’s what I can say after the use. Actually writing the post about its review on my iPad air. Apple launched it as iPad air not any iPad 5 the few reasons are it’s smaller in dimensions, but same screen ,Also lighter in weight about a pound that’s what Apple made it to say iPad air. BUILD If i do not say something concerning the build then that is a waste of this review. I will say the foremost sexiest tablet I ever used, that is however premium it feels.. The silver chassis back with an Apple Silver […]

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