How to Make Money from Android Apps in India

It is a well known fact that you can make money with Android Apps. You just have to download apps and install on your smartphone. After installing the app you have to complete certain tasks. After the completion of tasks you get paid for each task. How does it work? Well you can read about the ChampCash on money connexion and get an idea. All other apps are quite similar to ChampCash app. So just read the ChampCash you will understand the entire process. Champcash ChampCash is purely an Indian app that can be downloaded and installed on your Android Smartphone. You […]

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Now Get the Best Property Experience with MagicBricks

Buying a property or investing in real estate is more than just finding the right place to call ‘home’ especially for the first-time buyers. No wonder, the whole process of hunting, shortlisting and finalising the right home/property is a process in itself. However, with the advent of property search portal like Magicbricks, homebuyers can finally search a plethora of property/home at one place without actually going to the property site. The Revolutionary Step in The Indian Real Estate Industry Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions are the future technology that is all set to emerge as a revolutionary tool in […]

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[Fixed] how to fix ” Cannot Verify Server identity ” Error in iOS 8 and above / issue in iOS 8

Date and Time settings in iOS 8

I recently updated to iOS 8.1 on my iPad air and When I was browsing after the update “Cannot verify the server identity” error occurred. I was shocked I was unable to browse , not even gmail and not even YouTube. I thought the error would not occur in YouTube but unfortunately, it keep on loading. Same happened with Google + it kept on loading. “Cannot verify the server identity” has three buttons Cancel , Details , Continue. I tried to press each of these still the issue didn’t solve Issue Can’t browse all the websites as certificate becomes outdated […]

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Quantum GamePad Review – Gamepad under Budget

Quantum GamePad

The Gaming industry is one of the biggest industry you can see. There’s always never ending the war between the PC gamers and the Console gamers. I can say both are the two different types of the gaming world. PC gaming is much adaptable, though. Quantum reached us with GamePad to us. This is our Complete review of the Quantum GamePad. Quantum Gamepad Inbox Content The Unit Itself Driver Disk Build When I unboxed it from the tight plastic pack, The First it was complete of the plastic material. It was built with according to price and consumer in mind. […]

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LeEco Le 2 Review – The Best Budget Smartphone to buy

LeEco Le 2 - Best smartphone Under Rs 10,000

A company entered the Indian market named the LeTv with its smartphone called LeTv Le 1s. No Doubt it turned out to be a great smartphone. To all my surprise even with the MediaTek Helio x10 inside. Later they came up with Le 1s Eco more substantial changing the name to LeEco everywhere. Now this year they came with the LeEco Le 2.  Even this year they had almost the same competition, but I will tell you in this review why they still stand out in the game. LeEco Le 2 Specification GSM/ HSPA/ LTE(VoLTE) 5.5 Inch 1080p IPS LCD Screen Qualcomm […]

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