Manusis Technologies a helping hand to the SMBs and SMEs

    There are people everyday with high SMBs (Small Medium Business’s) or SMEs (Small Medium Enterprise’s )  and when it all comes to e-commerce there’s a need to build a good and organised portal which takes lots of time and hiring a company or developer is not so affordable for a SMBs or SMEs at the start point of business. That’s actually wrong now when I actually heard about Manusis Technologies. Manusis technologies is located in gurgaon, a Technology Packed solution provider which mainly offers web development to their clients in India and USA. Manusis technologies is known for its low […]

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    Apple iPad Air – Review The Best Tablet Of 2013

    Apple iPad Air

    We recently did the best phone of 2013 – LG G2 review. Apple iPad Air is simply phenomenal that’s what I can say after the use. Actually writing the post about its review on my iPad air. Apple launched it as iPad air not any iPad 5 the few reasons are it’s smaller in dimensions, but same screen ,Also lighter in weight about a pound that’s what Apple made it to say iPad air. BUILD If i do not say something concerning the build then that is a waste of this review. I will say the foremost sexiest tablet I ever used, that is however premium it feels.. The silver chassis back with an Apple Silver […]

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    LG Wins 35 Awards At CES 2014

    LG WebOS Smart Tv

    Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Held in Las Vegas each year, Where all the companies show what technologies they are gonna come up with the upcoming year.  So even this year many companies did participated in ces and so as many bloggers did too cover up their stories . Many Companies Came with their 4k , some with 5k (toshiba) and even some with more LED TV’s at ces. Samsung Does Came up with bendable one’s, But LG Came up with SmartTV with WebOS. In 2009 Hp released WebOS a platform for mobile and tablet making it smart but it didn’t got […]

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    Using Amazing Apps To Achieve Your New Year Resolution

    New year resolution

    It’s the day of 31st, and everyone does take a pen and paper and define a resolution for their new year. Even I do the same , but this time quiet different with my smartphone and tablet. Let me tell you , why should we do that, it’s simply because they are always with us and they are the best way to always remind us the resolution which we decided at the start of the year. There are many apps to which we can make and complete the resolution, so things can be made personal between you and your smartphone, […]

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    LG G2 Best Phone of 2013- FULL Review

    LG G2, I really don’t have any words for this device. How awesome, amazing , brillant , beyond the expectations this device is. This review comes to you from a dedicated apple fan boy no offence and no partiallity is done. When this device was launched i was watching its live streaming over youtube i think this is 3rd best phone from LG which is LG Nexus 4 ( Worldwide Hit), LG Optimus G series (both G and G Pro) , and Now LG G2. Let’s talk about some specs Specification Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Quad Core Processor 2.23ghz 2 GB […]

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