Netmagic Launches India’s First Software Defined Cloud Storage Service

NTT  communication and Datacenter Infrastructure Lifecycle Management (DILM) service provider , Announces the launch of Netmagic Tiered Secure Storage (NTSS), India’s first cloud storage-as-a-service i.e a cloud storage service as on the demand. These storage as service has a dedicated service or private clouds. Software-defined storage allows offloading the computationally heavy aspects of storage management related function enabling higher amount of CPU power availablity within the cloud.   “NTSS will be a game-changer in India’s storage services space and we are proud to be the first company in the industry to offer tiered secure storage solutions on cloud with the […]

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LG Tech Show 2014 Shows 230+ Innovative Products

Mr soon

LG showed up 230+ amazing innovative products in its second edition of annual tech show. Some of the products which were seen in tech shows were The world’s largest ULTRA HD CURVED OLED TV, the Web OS TV, G Pro 2 phablet, the 4G LTE smart phone range, India’s 1st 5 star rated refrigerator with smart inverter, Mosquito away AC,: India’s first Stainless Steel RO Water Purifier and the LG Lifeband Touch – its debutant in the wearable technology domain, caught the imagination of everyone present at the show. Some of the key Products showcased in LG tech show 2014 were: World’s Largest Curved OLED […]

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NNG and ANS Patnership with Blaupunkt deliver their first navigation product of the year Blaupunkt

Blaupunkt Product of the year

NNG and ANS Announces their partnership with Blackpunkt. Their partnership recently launched a GPS car navigation product, San Diego 530 is Blaupunkt India’s latest aftermarket multimedia system for OEMs on the local market, it comes equipped with a fully-featured and integrated navigation solution by NNG and ANS. This joint navigation solution comes with totally up-to-date maps of India for best navigation it includes almost 1,800,00 km of roads and more than 6,700,000 POIs (Point Of Interest). The device also include some amazing features like Intelligent Quick Search, Smart History,Speed Limits and Automatic Handling of Congestged  routes, make the product even premium. […]

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Manusis Technologies a helping hand to the SMBs and SMEs

There are people everyday with high SMBs (Small Medium Business’s) or SMEs (Small Medium Enterprise’s )  and when it all comes to e-commerce there’s a need to build a good and organised portal which takes lots of time and hiring a company or developer is not so affordable for a SMBs or SMEs at the start point of business. That’s actually wrong now when I actually heard about Manusis Technologies. Manusis technologies is located in gurgaon, a Technology Packed solution provider which mainly offers web development to their clients in India and USA. Manusis technologies is known for its low […]

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LG Wins 35 Awards At CES 2014

LG WebOS Smart Tv

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Held in Las Vegas each year, Where all the companies show what technologies they are gonna come up with the upcoming year.  So even this year many companies did participated in ces and so as many bloggers did too cover up their stories . Many Companies Came with their 4k , some with 5k (toshiba) and even some with more LED TV’s at ces. Samsung Does Came up with bendable one’s, But LG Came up with SmartTV with WebOS. In 2009 Hp released WebOS a platform for mobile and tablet making it smart but it didn’t got […]

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