ZONNETT Review – Aims for the best for your car

Zonnett Home Screenshot

I still remember when we were dreaming of buying a car and the excitement when we finally could fulfill our dream of owning one. But there comes a point when maintaining your car is a task! We either have no time in our busy schedule or find it so expensive that we avoid doing minor maintenance work. We also find it very difficult to find a suitable local dealer / garage for our car repair and maintenance. Zonnett wants to change this scenario and has come up with solutions for customers like us. Still, too many questions arise on how […]

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How do we use Smartphone ?

Co-produced by :Rebateszone & Absolute Gizmos   We do use and spend lots of time on smartphone while social networking, watching and streaming videos or movies , emails , online shopping etc. Here’s an imforgraphic which represented the same thing which we do with it and amount of time invested on it. there are 1.4 billion smartphone users compare to 2 billion PC users. Well that’s huge. An average American spends 3.3 hour on it that’s twice the time they spend on eating , 1/3rd time they spent on sleep. And over 1/3rd time they spent on working each day.  40x users […]

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M1 Order review – A custom marketplace for ofline shops

Online E-commerce has definitely taken over the offline business and every 2nd business wants to sell things over Internet. Again making e-commerce site for the same and android app would cost more and driving traffic things keeps increasing. The M1 Order app offers you a place where you can sell your business items to nearby by creating a market place of your business. Experience of M1 Order So the UI when you login into app, the app shows all the order placed by you. I think they should show stores according to location or feature store at location would be […]

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Best Smartphones of 2015, The Best smartphone to buy Right now

Oneplus 2

We have seen lots of smartphones in the year 2015, and there emerged many new brands of smartphone. Some really competed well in the smartphones and each of their dominance, Big companies even struggled in India for the smartphone. We seen lot many phones in each budget and I tried to sort of the best phone of 2015 for each budget and some were surprisingly the best. Best Smartphone to buy under 5000rs Honor BEE Possibly the Specs it offers and Combination Could be Match to any smartphone under 5000rs, That’s the best phone I could see with a Quad-core […]

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How to invest in your future without compromising your present

It is never too late to think about your future. If you plan on living a long, prosperous life (and don’t we all) then you will want a security blanket to help protect you when you along the way. Starting your planning process for your future is one of those things that you can’t start soon enough and is one of those things that once it’s too late, it’s too late. Don’t let time work against you. if you plan accordingly, time can actually be on your side. It is wise to invest in your future, even if you can […]

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