Syska Smartlight Rainbow LED smart bulb Review

Syska Smart Light

Syska a brand which is a known accessory maker as well as security app maker as well. We have seen the products; even TV ads run well. They did come up with their version of Smartlight, and we got a chance to review. We are going to see the complete overview of Syska Smartlight Rainbow LED Smart Bulb. What’s Smartlight? The smart light is smartphone connected bulb, which lets you control the electric lamp via your existing smartphone. In this case, it connected via Bluetooth, and you have greater flexibility with the bright light much better than the traditional bulb. Build […]

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[Solved] No “Get Jio Sim” Option in MyJio App. Also Other Jio Sim Issues

Jio Sim is the only thing people were talking about our Absolute Gizmos Facebook page. There are lots of issues, so I am framing the issues in common now. The very first issue is the MyJio App which Isn’t able to get “Get Jio Sim” Option. Many users reported me this. Here’s how you can get the “GET JIO SIM’ Option. The Below method is for Android For other users Scroll Down. If you have installed the latest version of MyJio app, you won’t be able to get the Get Jio Sim option. Suggest you to uninstall the MyJio App […]

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Flock Best Chat App for Work and Business

They’re computers which are way productive in much more cases. The business apps like Google Apps or Zoho helps a lot. When it comes to a smartphone, it makes it not as productive for work as the full fledge desktop or computer do. Your smartphone can edit docs or presentation, view emails. Not so impressive for messaging, There’s Whatsapp, but again it interferes between personal and work. There would be no such dedicated app for it unless I came to know about the Flock. Flock Interface At first, it is bright green Flock’s interface on the smartphone. It is almost same […]

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How to find the best mobile phone from today onwards

How to find best smartphone

So smartphones and mobiles industry has expanded a lot and almost has more 1 billion smartphones shipped each quarter worldwide. We are at the time where using the same smartphone for 2 years I big deal, as of evolving technology smartphone gets outdated with 6 months or a year. It’s totally difficult for a normal person to keep updated about upcoming mobile and always there is a new company which enters each country market and gains sale which sometimes soon people aren’t aware off. So you go check reviews, reviews from all possible site, ready it or watch it on […]

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UAG Armour Gear Case Review

UAG Armour Gear Case iPad Air

I don’t know if you have heard of UAG (Urban Army Gear), These are the smartphone and tablets Rugged case manufactured. Ever heard of them ? if not then we will tell you our experience of  them. These UAG armour case are the most rugged and sturdy case you could buy for you smartphone and tablet Build of the UAG Armour case the case  looks stunning in the looks, it has got those special rugged look in the stylish form factor makes it stand out different than all the cases you could compare with. More importantly, it covers all the sides […]

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